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Demet Ozdemir’s Dance Receives Attention on Social Media

Demet Ozdemir’s Dance Receives Attention on Social Media

Demet Ozdemir from Turkish drama My Home (Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir) continue to take attention through her dance videos on instagram social media.

Demet Ozdemir was a dancer before she started her acting career.

She started to share her dance videos on social media.

In her lates video, Demet Ozdemir is seen with two other dancer.

She shared her dance video with a note of “You are so cute” (Çok Tatlısınız).

Her dance video was recognized by huge number of fans.

Tolgahan Sayisman Gets Married

Tolgahan Sayisman got married to Almeda Abazi on February 13th, 2017. The couple said “yes” in an hotel at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA. Approximately 40 people attended their wedding ceremony.

The couple shared their thoughts on social media just before the wedding.

Tolgahan Sayisman: To love somebody is just like resembling her laugh to sunrise. It is a grace to have a woman who reminds all the blessings of our God. My Allah shall give everybody a person whom you can grow old hand-to-hand with. This message is my farewall post to singleness.

Almeda Abazi: Thanks God. “The Happiest” day of my life.  “The Happiest” birthday. Thank you Tolgahan Sayisman to make me “The Happiest”. I love you…

Innocent (Masum): First Online Turkish Drama

The first online Turkish Drama will be aired on January 27th, 2016 on BluTv.
Producer: D Productions
Screen Writer: Berkun Oya
Director: Seren Yüce
Cast: Haluk Bilginer, Nur Sürer, Ali Atay, Okan Yalabık, Serkan Keskin, Tülin Özen and Bartu Küçükçağlayan.

There will be a total of 8 episodes each of them will be 60 minutes. This Turkish drama will tell the story of a Turkish family that seems to be ordinary at the first sight. You will explore thriller and drama.

Here is the trailer:

Innocent (Masum) Gallery:

The Most Popular Turkish Actresses in 2015

The results of survey conducted by MBC Tv channels of United Arab Emirates have been announced recently. The survey is about Turkish Dramas broadcasted in the Arab world. According to the survey, Tuba Buyukustun who is the main actress in Black Money Love (Kara Para Ask) is the most popular Turkish actress in the Arab world. It is the first time that Nurgul Yesilcay has been chosen among the most popular 10 Turkish actress. Beren Saat, on the other hand, has been ranked as the 7th. Hazal Kaya and Meryem Uzerli are again ranked among the first 5.
The result of the survey is as follows:
1- Tuba Buyukustun
2- Fahriye Evcen
3- Berguzar Korel
4- Hazal Kaya
5- Meryem Uzerli
6- Nurgul Yesilcay
7- Beren Saat
8- Birce Akalay
9- Oyku Karayel
10- Ceyda Duvenci

Berguzar Korel Sings ‘I loved A Man (Ben Bir Adam Sevdim)’

Berguzar Korel who plays in Black Uncle (Karadayi) as the judge Feride sings a song named ‘I Loved a Man’ for the next episode of the tv series. Fans of the tv series liked her performance while singing a song.
In the 95th episode, Feride learns that judge Turgut is alive and she also learns the truth about the murder of Seyit. Feride is torn between her love and her job. Will she bring Mahir to justice?

Burak Ozcivit and Fahriye Evcen’s New Movie: Love Resembles You (Ask Sana Benzer)

This Friday, the movie Love Resembles You (Ask Sana Benzer) will come to the big screen. Burak Ozcivit is also the producer of this movie. Burak Ozcivit and Fahriye Evcen will play two lovers in the movie. The screen writer is Bedia Ceylan Guzelce and the director is A. Taner Elhan.

Story of Love Resembles You (Ask Sana Benzer): Ali (Burak Ozcivit) lives in a small town. His life changes when a young and beautiful girl named Deniz (Fahriye Evcen) comes to this small town. These two fall in love with each other at the first sight. However, Deniz’s past never let these two lovers live peacefully.

Enjoy the best scenes of the movie while listening to Fahriye Evcen’s singing a song named Benim Gozum Sende.

5 new Turkish dramas for 2014-2015 season

This year, challenging new Turkish dramas are on way. Unlike last year, we don’t have hollow series this year. 5 big tv broadcasting networks have 5 challenging tv series:
1) Kosem Sultan (Star Tv): Beren Saat’s new tv series.
2) Poyraz Karayel (Kanal D): The new tv series of Timucin Esen and Burcin Terzioglu. The story is about a suspended police officer who tries to get in mafia relationships and falls in love with the daughter of a mafia leader.
3) Three Friends (Atv): Hakan Yilmaz’s new tv series.
4) One Woman One Man and One Baby (Star tv): The story of a married couple: Zeynep and Ozan.
5) The Revenge of the Snakes (Yilanlarin Ocu) (Show Tv): The new tv series of Hande Soral, Cemal Toktas and Ceyda Ates.
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