3 Reasons to Watch New Turkish Drama: Life Song (Hayat Sarkisi)

New Turkish drama Life Song has become so successful in episode ratings. It is the story of a young girl, Hulya.

1- Little Devil Main Character: People love main character Hulya even though she has done so many bad things like slyness, self-seeking, disloyalty, mercilessness, cunning, intrigue, foxiness.

2- Realistic and Multifaceted Characters: The characters resemble real life people instead of dividing them good-bad, poor-rich, beautiful-ugly. Hulya (Burcu Biricik) makes lots of devil plans and still manage to get our compassion. We get angry at reckless Kerim (Birkan Sokullu) but at the same time, we forgive him when we see his kindness.

3- Forbidden Love: We know that Kerim and Hulya will fall in love with each other in the next episodes. Also, Huseyin (Tayanc Ayaydin) and Melek (Ecem Ozkaya) get closer to each other over time.

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