A Jealousy Attack between Akin Akinozu and His Girlfriend Sandra Pestemalciyan

Akin Akinozu (star of popular Turkish series Hercai) has been going through a hard time due to his admiration towards Jelena Karleusa who is the wife of soccer player Dusko Tosic.

Akin Akinozu has become the most popular Turkish actor in Serbia with his role in Hercai (Impossible Love). According to Srbija Danas, Akin Akinozu has some problems with his girlfriend Sandra Pestemalciyan due to his admiration towards Jelena Karleusa.

He has been caught while watching the videos of Jelena Karleusa

Akin Akinozu’s marriage plan has become on the danger due to his admiration. It is claimed that Akin Akinozu is always looking at the instagram photos and videos of Jelena Karleusa. It is also claimed that he has been caught while watching the videos of Jelena Karleusa. This content belongs to www.turkishcelebritynews.com

Sandra Pestemalciyan has left the house

It is claimed that Akın Akınözü’s girlfriend is annoyed by Akın Akınözü’s admiration and eventually, has left the house. According to Serbian news Dnevno and 24sata, Akın Akınözü has become so happy when he learns that there is a probability that soccer player Dusko Tosic would return to Turkey during half-time.

Dusco Tosic and Jelena Karleusa got married in 2008 and Dusco Tosic played soccer in Besiktas which is one of the Turkish soccer teams.

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