Cagatay Ulusoy Craziness in the High Society

Cagatay Ulusoy’s fans from high society give high amount of tips to the waiters who work at the restaurants/night clubs where Cagatay Ulusoy goes often. This gossip in the high society is very popular nowadays.

Elites, even married ones, now target to Cagatay Ulusoy. Neslihan Alkoclar and Engin Altan Duzyatan couple and Idil Firat and Engin Ozturk couple have become an example for many elite women.


Now, elite women try every possible way to come close to Cagatay Ulusoy. Almost 50 women from high society are interested in Cagatay Ulusoy. These rich women do not refrain from spending too much money in order to reach Cagatay. They sometimes benefit from the waiters of the restaurants.

Cagatay Ulusoy goes often to a place in Emirgan, Istanbul. Some rich women are informed by waiters whether Cagatay Ulusoy has come to the place or not. In return to this information, waiters are getting high amount of tips.


There is also a price for having fun just beside Cagatay Ulusoy. According to a gossip, a woman from high society spent almost 5 thousand Turkish Liras (1500 USD dollars) in order to have fun nearby Cagatay.

Some women also put their phone numbers secretly in Cagatay’s pockets.

We will see in the near future how Cagatay Ulusoy is going to respond to this interest.

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