Engin Altan Duzyatan: Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Changed My Life

Engin Altan Duzyatan: Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Changed My Life

Engin Altan Duzyatan, the main character in the Turkish TV series Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugul), stated that his role of Ertugrul Gazi changed his life. He stated that “It is very important to play Ertugrul Gazi who is the hero of our ancestry. Of course, this role has changed something in my life. I am the man who always tries to act carefully, but I am trying to live my private life more carefully since I took the role of Ertugrul Gazi.”


“The Love Towards Our Job Increases Our Work Enthusiasm”

“It makes us too happy to see how much people love our job and it also increases our work enthusiasm. We have seen this in our episode ratings but to see people’s energy directly with our eyes is much better. We have been trying to deserve this love. We work five days in a week and I hope that this love will increasingly continue to grow.


“There Is A Job Offer From Abroad But I Do Not Have Time”

“I have received some job offers from abroad but it is very difficult to do it due to differences concerning work order between Turkey and abroad. In Turkey, we can shoot films only during summer time. However, in abroad, films also require working during winter time. I do not have any time during winter time due to my tv series. Because of this reason, I could not take part in foreign project. I hope that I will do in the future. ”


I Would Prefer Seeing Turkish Projects’ Success in Abroad”

“I want to see Turkish actors and actresses in Hollywood projects but I would prefer seeing Turkish projects in Hollywood. I want to see the success of our own projects in Hollywood.”


“At this age, I have received a very good role. I received Ertugrul Gazi role when I was 35 years old and I have been playing in this tv series for 2 years. I don’t want to plan what will happen after Resurrection Ertugrul tv series. I usually want to look at what is happening now. I am trying to enjoy this time.”


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  1. I just love the series resurrection Etrugrul. I found it on Netflix from Sonoma California.

    • I found this on Netflix in Arizona. Ertrugrul is Such a good actor for this part. Some times I think he think he thinks his growling makes him sound more of a strong man but honestly it bugs me. but I wouldn’t any other actor in that part. he is marvelous Id welcome him any time lol

  2. Loving this series – to know it’s based on Islamic history makes the show valuable. The essence of the tribe Kayi is well documented with it’s loyalty to Islam.

    One criticism – try to make the battle a little more realistic and when one is in recovery – give them time to heal.

    Ultimately an amazing piece of Turkish drama.

    Proud of all that participate including the work behind scenes by support staff. Well done.

    • I found this show by accident. But once I saw the first episode. I watched about 8 episodes that night and every night after until I was done with the seasons. It was so addicting. The cast was wonderful. I hope they keep going with the seasons.

  3. HI!
    I loved it! Will there be a season 4?

    • where is season 3..just going to be mad to see that

      • does anyone know if season three is going to be available on netflix?

        • I’m crazy about this series! WOW – this is an historical masterpiece bar none! The acting, the music, the script, and the plot intrigues intertwined with historical facts is so fascinating. I have grown to love many of the characters. Ertugral’s three Alps Dogan, Turgut, and Bamsi are wonderful characters, loyal to a fault. Selcan is a character unto herself!!
          In answer to your question – when surfing the internet on this show, I read that unfortunately, Netflix will not be showing seasons 3, 4 or 5, not because of viewership, but due to budget. I can’t understand that they could leave their fans in indefinite limbo regarding this show. So disappointing! I hope that they change their mind on this, or that I got this all wrong!

  4. What is shocking is the truth about the TRAITORS—they have been the same throughout the history—same deceit—same deception—same ending—but they still do it.

    • Agreed. They showed all types and their common motives ( greed ,power, jealousy , competition and a misguided sense of vengeance.)

      When watching Osman you see the same bad apples emerge. Just look at Bamsi’s face. Same ole same ole. Lol!

  5. I m madly fan of tha drama as well as acting,plz facilite those who dont understand turky language thx

  6. My husband and I love this series and love finding out about and learning more about the Turkish history. This series is just mesmerizing and we can’t get enough of it. We have watch every show thru Season 3 and are looking now for Season 4 with English subtitles. We hope to see Season 4 soon. I would take more hours than I have to recommend this series. Everyone should try for themselves. The best part about reading the translation is that we have to sit still and pay attention with distractions of every day house things. This makes our time with the series very personal and just beautiful. Everything about the series (acting, scenery, love from the characters and for each other) is wonderous!

  7. Janette Coggeshall

    Most magnificent series ever. Excellent writing, acting, cast, historical references. I have watched Seasons I & II on Netflix and would like to see II & IV with subtitles. Engin Altan Duzyatan is one of the best actors I’ve seen, as well as the rest of the cast.
    I am a retired teacher and have found this film riveting and inspiring.

  8. I’m from the U.S. & I have truly come to love this series. It has many moral messages, teaches that we are all children of God & teaches right from wrong. Thank you so much for the opportunity to see this wonderful series, learn about Turkish history and realistic insight about Islam.

  9. I am watching this on Netflix and I didn’t know that the Turkish make such brilliant films ( I am in the UK) I AM absolutely hooked on this, well directed, actors are excellent – I was going to cancel my Netflix but this has made me stay ! Another Turkish one to lookout for is Yunas Emre.

  10. Rogerine Argoncillo


    I love and enjoy watching the series of this show on Netflix, however, Netflix only have season 1 and season with English subtitles. I’d like to see season 3, 4, and any seasons thereafter. I’ve requested Netflix twice to get the other seasons but to no avail. If all the series is on dvd, it would be nice to buy it. For now, I watch season 1 and 2 over and over and over again like thousand times.

    I’m very hooked on this show. Turkish films to me are amazing and so are actors. It also allows me to learn a few Turkish phrases.

  11. Pradeep and Sandhya Shah

    My wife and I have been watching with GREAT interest every episode of “Resurrection Erthugurl” reading every English sub-title to grasp the deepest dialogue. I should say that we are Jain (Hindu), from India, but after watching upto the end of Season 2, we Appreciate and understand that TRUTH is the same essence of EVERY religion. I am not surprised when Engin Altan Duzyatan, says that his life has changed after acting in this TV-serial, and that he is careful about his demeanor in public life, as people would surely see him as Erthugurl himself.
    We look forward to seeing Season 3 and 4 which hopefully will have english subtitles … our CONGRATULATONS to each and every actor in the series, as they have performed brilliantly and not to forget the DIRECTOR … WONDERFUL ALL THE WAY

  12. Hatun in disguise : )

    One of the best TV series. It nicely captures sense of loyalty, honour and chivalry, that are sorely missing in modern TV shows. Even the love story is done in a good taste/modestly.

    • I agree, and I have learned so much about the Turkish History. I love all the characters It would take me more pages to describe how much I love each character How do I follow Engin?? Wonder when season 4 comes to Netflix????

    • I totally agree 100%. I feel so good after watching Resurrection that I find myself re-watching it. Engin is a great all around actor ( as well as the rest of the cast) who did two things that I appreciate. First, he is a great close up actor. His feels and thought processes , while in character can be seen by his ever so subtle expressions. Sometimes it’s all in his eyes other times it’s his facial twitches etc. Second, he represented the evolving maturation of his character superbly, from an eager young swordsman to a parent who needs to balance his life and mission, a perpetual target to finally a wise strategist who fights with his head first and sword last. I hope he appears in Osman series.

      I cannot praise this production enough. I also would NOT like to see Turkish actors in Hollywood. It would be a demotion in my opinion.

  13. My husband and I watch close to 3 episodes per night. We are thoroughly enjoying every episode and can’t wait to watch more episodes each day. Hopefully Netflix will continue to screen the rest of the seasons up. Until the current series 5. I take my hat off to the director and his crew for filming the history of the Ottaman Empire and its history prior to that. It makes fantastic viewing.

  14. It’s the best Teleserie I’ve seen in my life, Cast: excellent ! Amazing actors , so is the beautiful story.Millions of successes to all the people who made this marvel possible.fFrom argentina thousand congratulations !!!!

  15. I love this show…..I have been binge watching for 3 weeks now and I can’t get enough….the acting is incredible and I love all the characters on the show…..I am just starting season 3 now on Netflix and I am hoping season 4 & 5 will also be available in the near future…..I just love Turkish movies and TV series, I am from the United States and they are some of the best I have seen….Gorgeous Turkish men !!!

  16. I’m from America and have enjoyed so many Turkish movies especially Resurrection. I started season 4 two days ago. Does anyone know if there will be a season 5? If so will that start with the Ottoman Empire? I have a feeling this is where the story is going. So interesting. I’ve learned so much about the history of this country just from watching the show.

  17. I found this series on Netflix here in Oregon and fell in love with it. I have also learned a lot about the Turkish religion. Very educating series. With each new series I found I get so caught up with what’s happening, I’m cheering, crying when the alps die, such an emotional series. For me I watch for the entertainment, but this series is so much more. Thank you…and I never want it to end.

  18. Season 5 was amazing I’m going to be sad to watch this great show end the events in season 5 breathed new life into the show with the events that led up to the War I wish we could watch another season and see the War unfold but that’s wishful thinking

  19. I completely agree!

    Also, I feel Turkish period masterpieces like this show and articulate much more heart, passion and emotion , than in the US. They educate us and have us analyzing our own morality, civility, and humanity. Thank you my fellow Turks, love from the US.

    • Agreed. They showed all types and their common motives ( greed ,power, jealousy , competition and a misguided sense of vengeance.)

      When watching Osman you see the same bad apples emerge. Just look at Bamsi’s face. Same ole same ole. Lol!

  20. I was born in Africa. Loved middle Eastern movies from when I was a kid. I’ve spent most of my life in the United States but never lost my interest in Middle Eastern music and movies. Of course with subtitles in English.

    I came across Ertugrul on Netflix and fell in love with the show and it’s characters. It makes me sad, happy and very interested. I wish it wouldn’t end. Gosh some of the characters death made me so sad. Especially the good guys and girls.

  21. I am not Muslim, knew very little about islam, but after I watch seasons 1&2 of Resurrection Ertugrul in Netflix, I learned a lot of its values and morals of a true Muslim. Who would believe that in 2 weeks time, I finished watching seasons 3 to 5 of this historical tv series in Netflix. I never stopped watching till my eyes give up watching. I cried a lot, laughed out loud a lot (Bamsi and his son’s talks about sword wielding and books). My eyelids turned into butterfly wings when Turgut’s face is on close up and how the love of Ertugrul for Halime made me hate more my ‘infidel ex’. I cried seeing Hayme anne and Halime portraying he roles of worried mothers and as women of the tribe. Can’t wait to see the sequel and Turgut of course (hope it’s still Cengin doing the role).

  22. Hi I really liked when you acted in Ertugral. Me and my uncle are totally obsessed with it. I actually started crying when Suleyman shah died. I am Muslim and totally love it. You really suit being Ertugral. I am 13 years old and I am so obsessed with this. Inshallah I will be coming to Turkey to meet you when I grow up.


  24. I am from Southern California and now live in Arizona. My fiancé and I stumbled across Resurrection on Netflix and we are totally hooked! We’ve so enjoyed learning about the customs and love of The Islam religion from this Turkish story. Gotta love the holy man in this series with his calm and wise teachings. What happened to Halime after Osmon was born was heart breaking. Cried so hard and what a performance from both her and Ertugrul! Hope to see much more of all the great cast members in movies here in the states in the future! Thank you for a beautiful show.

  25. We have never enjoyed a show as much as we did Resurrection. The acting was excellent! The dialog, the script, I just could go on and on. Kudos to you all. God Bless and send us many more. And, to think not even a bare ankle showing, how refreshing. The feelings came through and pulled us right in.

  26. This series is awesome I can watch it again I learn so much, historic custom so touching I love all characters
    Thank you is so much more I want to say. ❤️❤️ You all

  27. Mr Engin Altan stated that the Dirilis Ertuğrul series had changed his life. But my question is how the series changed his life whilst he is still a big fan or follower of Mustofa Kamal who played an important role in the fall of the Ottoman Empire, westernized Turkey and banished Islamic norms and values from Turkey.

  28. An amazing historical drama, I did not know the roots of Ottoman Empire before. It’s an amazing journey. All characters well played indeed. Waiting for the next season in Netflix . I too watch with English subtitles. One of your fans from Orlando Florida💕

  29. Muhammad Gul zeb Naeem

    awesome Muslims Drama Serial

    Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi

    I hope all Muslime watch it drama and changed our life

    Thanks for Turkish Drama Maker Team



  31. All series available on Netflix. Just love the show. Hooked!

  32. I believe the Turkish entertainment industry can make big changes in Hollywood. Honestly many Americans don’t watch Hollywood due to their political stand. Many despise our creator. I thank you for enlightening the world about Islam.

    The movie Resurrection became our talk of the day on our Facebook posts. We laugh we cried along with you and you have educated us. God bless you all in all your endeavors.

  33. This series was a wonderful experience in learning the history of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. Since we recently went to Istanbul, it made me curious about Turkey. Seeing the City Istanbul (Constantinople) and the palace which was conquered by Mehmet who is the great great grandson of Ertrugl Gzai was very interesting. It made the whole experience surreal.

    I have also watched Kurulus Osman. Cannot wait to see Season 2. I am from Punjab, India. There are so many similarities in the language of Punjabi and Turkish.

    Thanks to Bozdag for making this series.

  34. Carol from New Zealand

    Am watching this series for the 3rd time. This brand of the Islam religion is so beautiful and I hope that this shows the world what a beautiful religion this can be. Having been raised in a Christian country, I knew nothing about Muslums. Engin Altan Duzyatan was perfect for the main character. Am sure he caused men and women to love the character’s faith, morality, and ideals of justice.

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