Engin Altan Düzyatan Talks About Establishment Osman (Kuruluş Osman)

Engin Altan Düzyatan’s latest tv project Kursun (Bullet) made a finale after 7 episodes. When asked, he replied “it happens, let’s hope for the best. Some projects succeed, some projects fail.”

It is also talked that in the new Turkish series Establishment Osman (Kuruluş Osman), the character Ertugrul is still alive. When it is asked whether he will return as Ertugrul, he replied “We have not talked about it yet, I don’t know.”

When asked whether he would like to return to Establishment Osman, he replied “I worked out of love at that project, it was so beautiful. We have finished our project (Resurrection Ertugrul) and a new one has already started. The people who are working there are all my friends. The same team continues to work in this new project (Establishment Osman). I see and follow their work and I like it. This is a matter of plan, we haven’t planned to break up with the team but Establishment Osman is a new project. I want to have a rest for a while. Right now, there is not such thing to be involved in this project.” This content belongs to www.turkishcelebritynews.com

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  • Im so in love with everything Turkish now, thanks to Resurrection and the amazing cast starting with Engin, whose spectacular portrayal of Ertugrul Bey made us all fall in love with the character. Engin megawatts smile just took our hearts peace by peace, along with Halime (I adore her) How can you not love these actresses fighting with those swords? Who wouldn’t want yo have a Turgut for a friend. The most beautiful people on the planet! Honestly It took me by surprise, so refreshing and hopeful to see that other countries are doing so well in the film industry. This series was increíble generous with the episodes. I could certainly appreciate the amount of work, preparation, attention to detail and the most unexpected, no swearing, no sex, not even lip kissing! It should be a lesson to Hollywood and other movie Mecca’s (no punt intended) which is the other big unexpected aspect, to learn about the Muslim religion and the Islamic world. Just simply great! I hope Engin @enginaltanduzystan is on the Kurulus Osman series. Nobody can’t even touch that character! Much success ❤️ Like we say in America “break a leg”

  • Engin Altan is the best actor I have ever seen
    I love him .will he come to America to make moves I hope so someone should ask him😊❤️

  • I watched ertugural all 5 sessions ....I am a doctor during look down when extra calculator activities limited depression was close in initial days of pandemic ....started watching...saw session one then quit all and watched and of session 4 and all session 5....then I again started session 2 and also watched 3 and 4....very wonderful to watch it...i started usman session 6 but left it.....after a month again started usman session 6..completed up to 24 episodes ....missing ertugural .....feeling great affection with ertugural .....usman serial is also good.......i wish ertugural come back........these series are great effort to memorize us Islamic history

  • I am toooo much sad at end of ertugral,please made some more such serious,my days become full of sad and I am missing ertugral a looooot

  • I love Resurrection of Entugrul. I love this movie and I binge watch it. The series was unbelievable, I’m an American and don’t Turkish but I love this series. I hope the actor Engin Altan Duzyatan will be in Osman. If not I don’t think it will be interesting. I just love the way Engin played Entugrul. No one could play Entugrul only but Engin. I saw the entire season and actually I seen the series 3 times. I just can’t stop watching the series on Netflix. Hopefully one day your case can come to America. This Series have a lot of United States fans. Love you Engin

  • I am not able to see anything else after this show. I really missed Halime Sultan and actually cried a bit when her character dies. Right now i am watching Kurulus Osman but Ertugrul was a character that will remain in the heart forever. I read history a lot and had read about the Ottomans but this show has really stirred me up. I havent been out of India and initially I had dreams of going to Europe and Middle East, but now its just Hajj in Arabia and a visit to Turkey. I hope i achieve this and meet the cast members somehow. Much love to all the cast and especially for Ertugrul, Halime, Suleyman Shah, Kaan Taasaner, Aslihan, Aliyar, Small Gunduz, Dogan, Turgut ans the ever entertaining Bamsi Bey. From Indian Kashmir

  • Only Engin can play Ertugruls part. Choosing another actor for this will be a disaster as he (Engin) has captured the hearts of people. Pls bring him back in Osman series….
    This can only enhance kurulus Osman and make is as good.
    If not, it may never be as popular. Remember, if viewers a happy, yr series becomes popular

  • It goes like this. Ertugrul was absolutely brilliant !!!!. Besides, Engins acting was outstanding and he has made the series worthy of awards. Justice would not be done in substituting any other actor for Engin, and Ertugrul was outstanding as a series. Allowing Engin to come back into Kurulus Osman can only make Osman series better, at least 2 or 3 seasons. Unfortunately, if he is just not going to come back, then in my opinion, Kurulus Osman may not then become as successful. It is definitely not like one character overshadowing another but bringing spark into Osman which unanimously is wanted by almost every1 commenting. Engin is a very refined actor and perhaps perfect for the part he was chosen – showing humbleness, leadership, and excellence in acting.
    Pls bring Engin back before it’s too late !!!
    Like Sulaimaan shah supported ertugrul, so can Ertugrul support Osman for about 2 seasons and then see the change in ratings,
    The viewers were use to a certain standard and Osman series can only benefit with Engin in for some time.

  • Engin Altan Düzyatan is without a doubt amazing and very popular and I am still in the throes of watching Diriliş Ertuğrul as there are so many seasons, but I must confess I'm sold on Kurulus Osman with Burak Ozcivit. I believe Burak is underrated and should be given more credit, which he deserves. He is outstanding and the cast ensemble in this series is just as outstanding. I think the whole production is exceptional. I'm impressed with the storyline and how the women are no slouches--they are not damsels in distress--they kick butt! The emotion and hard work put into this production are staggering. I know there are folks who are partial to Engin and I respect that. I think he is great but my favorite Turkish actor is Burak Ozcivit and I wish him much success. If he doesn't receive an award for his performance in this series, I will be very disappointed indeed!!! In fact, this series should win an award!

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