Engin Altan Düzyatan Talks About Establishment Osman (Kuruluş Osman)

Engin Altan Düzyatan Talks About Establishment Osman (Kuruluş Osman)

Engin Altan Düzyatan’s latest tv project Kursun (Bullet) made a finale after 7 episodes. When asked, he replied “it happens, let’s hope for the best. Some projects succeed, some projects fail.”

It is also talked that in the new Turkish series Establishment Osman (Kuruluş Osman), the character Ertugrul is still alive. When it is asked whether he will return as Ertugrul, he replied “We have not talked about it yet, I don’t know.”

When asked whether he would like to return to Establishment Osman, he replied “I worked out of love at that project, it was so beautiful. We have finished our project (Resurrection Ertugrul) and a new one has already started. The people who are working there are all my friends. The same team continues to work in this new project (Establishment Osman). I see and follow their work and I like it. This is a matter of plan, we haven’t planned to break up with the team but Establishment Osman is a new project. I want to have a rest for a while. Right now, there is not such thing to be involved in this project.” This content belongs to www.turkishcelebritynews.com

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  1. Fantastic movie Resurrection Ertugrul, well done to the movie makers, We are looking forward to Series 6 Osman.
    We are now watching series 5 again to get a better understanding incase we missed anything.
    Thank you again.

  2. Revendo toda a série Dirillis Ertugru, como se fosse a primeira vez. ❤

  3. Engin is an Amazing actor. I can’t imagine anyone playing the role even close to as good as he did. He made millions love Ertüğrül and him personal. I watched Bullet and I enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing Engin in other acts.

  4. I live in America and my husband and I both love Resurrection/Ertugrul on Netfix. We binge watch for 6 to 7 hours at a time. The series is different from anything else ever made. I actually write down and memorize some of the wisdom given and taught on the show. We are on season 5 and we are so sad because we are coming to its end. We can’t wait for seasons 6!!! However, I’m going to miss Ertugrul and his alps. 🙁 Engin was the best part of show.

  5. Sanki kalbimin içinde yüzlerce Kus

  6. Engin is outstanding, I believe no one will play that role better. I would love to see him the next project-Osman

    I love all the characters, the music, the setting and whole dynamics of the movie. I really got a better idea of the muslin world. I appreciate their believes, traditions, culture…etc..

    Sonia Salians

  7. If Erthugrul is played by anyone else in place of Engin, in Drulus Osman, then it will be catastrophe. It will become like like Game of Thrones, which ended badly! Or like the Vikings who went low after Ragnork left.

    I hope he returns! He is truly missed!

  8. As I have seen all the seasons of Ertugrul and I have witnessed one thing Mehmet Bozdag loves suspense so he wants his viewers to be shocked by the sudden entry of Engin Altan as Kuruluş Osman season always mentions and says that Ertugrul is going to return. If he is not returning the season should not repeat in every stage that Ertugrul is coming back. Hats off to Mehmet Bozdag he wants his viewers to stick with his work as he has worked beautiful. More pover to you Bozdag .

  9. Words cannot describe enough how brilliant Dirilis Ertugrul series is. And YES! I totally agreed with most people who commented above, that having another actor doing Ertugrul in Kurulus Osman will be an indefinite catastrophe. Engin Altan IS Ertugrul! Period!
    I’ve completed all 5seasons of Dirilis Ertugrul in 3mths. I’m surprised myself at how much this series has made me stuck till it’s hard to break away. I’m kinda having a withdrawal now.. I love the words of wisdom in the in-between stories and how the examples of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. incorporates with the Turk’s daily life. It’s just beautifully done! It also unknowingly strengthens my faith. MaSyaAllah.. Aamiin.. Allahu Akhbar..
    Am watching Kurulus Osman now, and as hopeful as everybody else, I do wish Engin Altan will make a come back as Ertugrul. If not whole season, Perhaps few episodes at least will warm the viewers/fans heart a lil.
    Thank U so much to the Ertugrul team esp Mr Director & Producers. U guys did brilliantly! I wish u guys all the best in this new project, Kurulus Osman. May it be as brilliant as Ertugrul. Keep the Turks history coming. I’m sure hungry for more..

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