Fahriye Evcen with Burak Ozcivit's Family

Fahriye Evcen with Burak Ozcivit’s Family

Fahriye Evcen and Burak Ozcivit relationship moves towards marriage. The couple has been together since last summer. Recently, Fahriye Evcen has entered into Burak Ozcivit’s family.
Burak Ozcivit has gathered all his family and introduced his girlfriend officially. The family has taken a selfie after this meeting. In the photo, Fahriye Evcen stays beside her future father-in-law.

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  1. I found Lovebird on Netflick while visiting my nephew and his wife. She is from Morocco. I binge watched the 72 episodes in 3 days. I loved how well written the series was, the poetry said by the characters. Today I am watching it for a second time to fill in what I missed the first time around. I am saddened to find out the series was cancelled before the full story was told according to the book. I am a grandmother who wishes her granddaughters will find a good, loving man in the future. We live in Arizona in the United States. I will watch the series with them when I return from vacation.

  2. I have been watching lovebird everyday since October I’m just in love with Kamran and Feride I hope they make a conclusion because they belong together know matter what, please make a second season. Please

  3. And a Belated Happy Birthday to Burak from Maui Hawaii
    And a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Years

  4. I accidentally came across this move and I too am in love with this movie. I am from Jamaica, living in Texas as I am in the military. I just went through my second divorce and watching this movie has inspired me beyond anything that I can think of. Looking at another culture and how it views love, makes me realize we are all the same…wanting to be loved and cared for. The one thing that this movie has shown me is how men, talk to each other, father to son, son to father, and about how one should treat the women they value in their lives, and I wished men in this American and Jamaican culture got that same lesson. I am late to the game, but this is one movie that I know that I will cherish for a very long, long time….I like Connie, I am watching it for the second time. I have told my friends about this over and over again. I decided to do a little research and seeing that the main characters are actually together in real life made me even happier…not sure why, but it does. I love this movie, I really do…and as Connie and Denise have said I wish there was a second season. Another thing that I learned was that true love, no matter what others are doing to drive it apart will stand in a storm…oh and do not keep secrets from the ones you love. I LOVE LOVE BIRD!!!

  5. I, too, stumbled upon this show and it has affected me quite profoundly. I believe it is due to the basic principles and values that were protrayed, the poetry and the chemistry between the characters. It also showed the difference between the sexes and how they can so sweetly and nicely complement each other. And of course the incredibly unique good looks of the characters especially the main ones.

    • I have watched Lovebird 8 times…I am so happy the two stars are married. You could tell that they really love one another.

      • I agree with all the above emails. Such a joy to watch something without sex, Hollywood style. Turkey has some really HOT looking men and women. Enjoyed the LoveBirds and starting to watch it again for the third time. Happy for Burak and Fahruge as a couple. They make me feel young again. May they have a long and happy marriage and a few children who will resemble their good looks.

  6. My very favorite movie! I too have watched it MANY times though not the ugly scenes. I love Kamran. Yesterday I went back and finally watched my other two favorites, for the first time in many months!…Mr. Darcy inPride and Prejudice and Mr. ROchester in Jane Eyre, but only Michael Fassbender…he is charming and attractive. I have often watched the last scene only where Jane returns to Edward!!! And only Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice.

  7. LOL, I stumbled across this and I binged watch it until the sad ending…..i’m on my 7th watch rewinding my favorite scenes of Kamran & Feride….forget everyone else. Wishing you both a wonderful life together. Much love and aloha from the 808.

  8. I watched Lovebird in 4 days, until 2 am until I finished the 72 episodes from season 1.
    My favorite Turkish show, ever! I absolutely love it! Kamran is so handsome, so attractive, so impressed about this show!
    Why there is no season 2 ?!?! 🙁

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