Guarantee of Rating: Serenay Sarıkaya

Mert Vidinli wrote about Serenay Sarikaya’s rating power on Sabah newspaper. He wrote that;


In the past days I was with two of my friends, one of them was a TV programmer and the other was a general editor of fashion magazines. We were talking about ‘which of the celebrities have a rating, which affects magazine sales’. They said that among the actor and actress, Serenay Sarikaya’s rating was the most. “When the rating falls, we are blowing up a Serenay news,” says my  Tv programmer friend. My editor friend also uses the same sentence, “Serenay is the most popular name as a cover girl”.  I say “Do you have a name that is opposite of it? Someone who drops the rating?”. They say “No way!” They are starting to array those names.  They are such amazing names; I could not believe what I heard.


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