Hazal Kaya Is Expecting a Baby

Hazal Kaya and Ali Atay got married on 7 February 2019 after dating for 5 years. Popular Turkish actress Hazal Kaya has disclosed that she is expecting a baby. Hazal Kaya, who is 28 years old, is pregnant for 3 months.

Hazal Kaya and Ali Atay got married

Hazal Kaya shared the good news with her fans on social media with the following message:

“I am very happy to say that yes, I am pregnant. Our baby is 11 weeks old now. We did not want tos hare this news with you as you know, the first 2 months are very critical for the baby. Our last doctor control went so well and we wanted to share it with you. Yesterday, my response due to excitement for a journalist’s statement “the birth is soon” was misunderstood. Fortunately, everything is good, our baby is healthy, and we are so happy. We have gone over 3 months, they say that the remaining 6 months are more fun. I know that it would be better with the blessings and good energy you would send. Thank you.”    

Hazal Kaya and Ali Atay

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