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Neslihan Atagül Discloses Her Goal

Neslihan Atagul became 24 years old on August 20th, 2016. She has disclosed her goal that she wants to fullfill the most: she wants to hug a lion. She has said that she wants to fulfill this goal when she is 24 years old.


In her recent interview, she has also stated that her husband “Kadir” is the answer for the following three questions: What is love? What is happiness? What is marriage?


Kadir Doğulu, on the other hand, shared the following message on his social media account:

“Hug me like this all the time. Cry due to happiness all the time. Hope your beautiful face smiles all the time. Hope to become happy together all the time like the day in this photo! Your birthday is my happiest day. Luckily you were born and you became mine. I love you so much my dear wife! All the time!”


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