Premiere of the New Turkish Movie ‘The Thing You Left Behind’ (Senden Bana Kalan)

Abdullah Oguz’s new Turkish Movie ‘The Thing You Left Behind’ (Senden Bana Kalan) has come to the theaters. The main characters of the movie are Ekin Koc and Neslihan Atagul. The movie is adapted by a Korean movie ‘A Millionaire’s First Love’. Movie cast and many celebrities attended the premiere.
Kadir Dogulu who is the boyfriend of Neslihan Atagul also attended the premiere. Neslihan Atagul with white dress and Kadir Dogulu with black suit are resembled to bride-groom. When this resemblance was mentioned, Dogulu said that ‘Maybe it is time’ but then he said that he made a joke. The couple has not been thinking marriage right now.

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