Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Finale: Cast Says Goodbye

Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Finale: Cast Says Goodbye

Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) finale episode broadcasted in Turkey on 29 May 2019 after 5 seasons. Next season, turkish drama sequel Resurrection Osman (Dirilis Osman) will be on TV. The cast of Resurrection Ertugrul says goodbye with the following messages:

Engin Altan Düzyatan:

“From the first day of the set, I and my colleagues believed the world that was created by Mentin Günday with lots of effort and self-sacrifice and we spent 5 seasons by doing our best. I thank all the people who supported us through watching us not only in Turkey but also all over the words during that time. I thank all my colleagues, broadcating network TRT1, and our producer Mehmet Bozdağ. Being part of the unforgettable project and going so far by working in hard conditions is all thanks to big team backstage from cameraman to set workers.. It was a pleasure for me to work with those who have contributed.. See you on new projects..”. This content belongs to  

Engin Altan Düzyatan: Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Turkish Drama

Nurettin Sönmez

“Koca Bamsi! Who knows, can we meet again at one point in another circumstance… It was so good, so powerful, and so speacial to be you. I am Nurettin Sonmez, I am going right now. You are Bamsı Beyrek, stay special and  good forever. With love; goodbye.”

Nurettin Sönmez: Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Turkish Drama

Didem Balçın “You need to finish your job as you started or better than that… Resurrection Ertuğrul that appeared with the effort of all team from production to actors, from scenario to actions and that was loved, valued, and became better each day with your interest is releasing its finale episode… Those who contributed, those who are in my heart forever, those who are beside me with their words, existence, support and, you viewers… You always made me said “fortunately, I am in this project” with your comments and support. See you on different roads.. Friends who contributed from 5 years ago to today, take care…”

Didem Balçın: Resurrection Ertugrul (Dirilis Ertugrul) Turkish Drama

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  1. Mike Barbuschak Sr

    I have been watching Netflix sreaming for several years; BUT, have never watched a program as OUTSTANDING as Resurrection. Whoever cast those actors/actresses for the parts they all played, did a fabulous job. KUDO to that person! The same goes to the screen writer. I am 87 years old and have been so intriqued with a show as Resurrection. I ca not say enough good things about the show. KUDOS to ALL.

  2. I am watching it now,what an incredible cast,I will hate to see it end,I hope there will be another series staring all of them,

  3. It’s the only series I have watched all the seasons in my life time…best ever plus the dawaah that it gives to people like us …i i hope Usman Resurrection going to be more entertaining i can’t wait to watch it….thanks to producers and to all characters specially Bamsi and i have nicknamed my son after this character.

  4. We watched 4 seasons in 2mths and very disappointed we cannot see season 5 on Netflix South Africa….such an awesome series, absolutely addicted and cannot wait to see more! Thank you Ertugral Halime Turgut Alp Bamsi & Mother Hayme! Everyone else is just as awesome!!

  5. You’ve done an amazing job one of the best series ever I watched it twice the 5 series the actors all of them w😊were incredible. The history is very interesting. Opened my mind about Islam. I could. Watch it over and over again. Thank you so much can’t wait. For Ossman thank you 🙏

    • I have to say that the actor that played Ertegrul. Stood like a mountain powerful acting he was a amazing. Bamsi Turgut Halime sultan. Ertegrul mom’s. I means most of the crew unbelievable hope to see you all in other series I miss you already 😍

  6. Absolutely love this story, I didn’t know a whole lot about Muslims, I have learned a lot and like any other religion, Islam has been tainted by those who do not follow the religion the way it was suppose to be, look at all the Christian religions that have been smeared with not so Christian acts. Love the beautiful outfits and head pieces worn by the women, the gatherings, the food remind me so much of my culture. The whole cast did a super job, specially my hero Ertuğrul.

  7. sou do Brasil assisti a 5 temporadas e a saudade ja esta batendo parabens a todos artistas e todos que ajudaram na produção amamos e conhecemos muito mais sobre o verdadeiro Islã. que venha deliris osmam o mais rapido possivel. Beijos a todos

    • I have seen some movies and series and then some…. This was incredible!!!!, I practically mowed through SE 1-4 in 2 weeks going to bed 2am. Then Se5 came. I replayed about 10 times that dramatic part when Ertugrul takes the head of his enemy. There isn’t a better ballet pivot. A right turn, left hand behind the back then a swing in the air with a lefthanded swish!!! Magnificent. Ballerinas have nothing on that!!!. I learnt some Turkish words and phrases. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are behaving like a character out of a turkish drama. I am getting complete understanding of that phrase now. Engin Altan is a brilliant actor. His EYES speaks volumes!!!! Great job. Even to the new addition of young Osman. It was GREAT people great!!!!!

  8. loved Resurrection,,,i got so involved in the Series,,( i hate series) , i could not wait to each episode,,, loved the characters of Bamsi, and Turgut…great actors, there faces so real…I dont knoiw how they stood bye when Ertugrul seemed to always let the bad guys go,, dont kill them Now,,,it drove me crazy….let me tell him if someone is threatening you, your family, your tribe,, you finish them off!!!! as for the Emir Kope, they should have allowed Turget to finish him… that would have serviced Justice far more…so going up to see the next episodes…

  9. I never ever commented on a show in my life (65 years), but every one here is right. You do not see sets like these any more. Such elaborate customs, and fantastic acting. Staging so many fight scenes with such details and such a large numbers of actors without seemingly any errors is amazing to me. Did not bother me at all that
    there was a basic story that was repeated with small variation a few times. Totally enjoyable. You can see
    Altan in the series “the end” in the US. He is playing the bad guy, but very well.

    • I totally agree! I’m an older lady and this series took me back to my youthful longings. Mr. Düzyatan is especially wonderful with his deep eyes and great acting. A person can tell that he is a kind man in real life. I hope to watch other Turkish programs soon!

  10. I just love this show.And all the actors
    Are they all still with us.

  11. Started watching the show & got hooked! My husband thought I was crazy. Sad to see it ending but looking forward to the new Osman series. I honestly feel like I personally know the characters. Best wishes on your new adventures!

  12. Absolutely terrific show became emotionally involved with all the characters very well written very well acted

    Chuck from Newport Beach California

  13. Such and amazing series! I was hooked and can’t get enough of it. Many late nights watching could not go to bed until I was soo tired. I cried and laughed so many times got mad for letting the bad guys get away….ahh it was so emotional, but I loved it so much. I wish Halime could have grown old with my man Ertugrul bey! Much intrigued with this awesome cast! My Bamsi, Turgut, Halime sultan, Selcan, Gondogdu, the best! Just LOVED THEM ALL!!! I can’t say enough how great this show is. Learned a lot about Muslims, loved the girls outfits and just Ertugrul, what a man! 🙂 PLEASE DON’T END THIS SHOW!!! More sequels with this cast please

  14. I love the series. Wonderful actors and direction.
    François in Canada

  15. I loved the show i did lern more about turkeys passed. Powerful man like Ertuģrul sbould be recognized more around the world including his father Suleman share. If it wasnt for his Dad Ertuģrul would be the man he was. Anyway lloved the show love his wife, man what a women ha, i wish my wife was only half the person she was. Bye bye everybody from down under Australia ATILLA

  16. This is a very interesting historical series. I love Ertugrul Bey, Bamsi Bey, & Turgut bey But my favorite Engine Altan as Ertugrul Bem.

  17. My husband love this series very much and I also start to watch together. I love all the characters and cast especially Enjin Altan. Love them so much. Thanks for publishing this series.
    Lots of love from Johor Bahru, Malaysia


  19. This series had me more entrenched than Downtown Abbey. Like another commentator, many nights I found myself continuing to push the next episode until 2 and 3 a.m. Totally addictive. Cast was excellent – heroes loved and villans hated.

  20. Resurrection Ertugrul has been amazing . I am missing you all so much .You took me on a wonderful journey . Fantastic cast , script , costumes, not to mention horses . I breed Arabian horses in Australia and loved seeing the horses in this series, I hope there’s more to come . I am addicted.

  21. Like all the other comments, this series was the best I have every watched!!! I was able to convince my husband to watch the program with me and he got hooked too. I fell in love with the Turkish people as a result of watching Resurrection Ertugrul and would like to visit Turkey someday. I especially liked the actor who played Ertugrul; he was perfect for the role. I am a happily married woman of 35 years, but i often would say to my husband while watching the program that I think every woman should have an Ertugrul. We are both looking forward to the sequel. It is sooo exciting to learn that you are planning to continue the story and allowing us to see how the ottoman empire was forged under Osman. Many thanks from your viewers!

  22. A refreshing change from the usual shows made in USa.

  23. Love this show I’m going on my 3rd time watching it on Netflix. Much success on the new Osman show I’ll be waiting to watch it.

  24. Outstanding efforts to all who produced , starred and contributed to this outstanding historical fiction series. Netflix thank you for making this series available. I have been glued to my tv screen for many nights and just finished Season 4. At my rate of 4 episodes per night i can only hope I stay married until I finish. forwaLooking forward you Osman!

  25. Just finished watching the final episode of Resurrection Ertugrul. This series is so powerful and so well written and directed. The casting was simply phenomenal… each of the characters was so masterfully played by the actors to the point where I felt they were part of my own family.. To the actors Engin, Kaan, Nurettin, Ayberk, Hulya, Serdar, Esra, Didem, Kaan, Hande and all cast members – you truly brought to life characters that will live in my heart forever. I love the integrity of the characters seeking justice, the authenticity of the cultural traditions and majestic scenery. The relationships between friends and family so richly developed. I love that the women were portrayed as equally strong as their “beys” in providing for and protecting their families especially in the absence of their men to battle. The costume design was beyond incredible and the set design outstanding. I love the writers/directors interlaced spiritual lessons and wisdom taught by the dervishes and the schooling of the children. I could spend hours writing about this series… simply beautiful. Hoping there is a sequel to teach the next stages of history. I learned so much about a religion I knew little about except for extremism. And the music was hauntingly beautiful as well. I downloaded the soundtrack and listened all day today, sadly realizing the series is over and I won’t be actively involved in the lives of the characters I have come to love… even the evil characters performed brilliantly. Thank you for this masterpiece!

  26. Magnificent show. Outstanding actors, males and females! Of course, Ertugrul and his 3 blood brothers are magnificent, so are Shelsan and Gundogdu, the whole crew for that matter! I’m still on Season 2 because I just found it, but definitely it’s one of the top 5 shows I’ve watched since 2019.
    Congratulations to all and I hope that we get to see you in other shows here in the USA. God Bless!

  27. This was the most amazing and educational series I ever watched. My husband was watching it and I got interested, so he had to start from the beginning. The amazing part it was in Turkish and we had to read it in English. Therefore you couldn’t take your eyes off it. I fell in love with the show. The characters were amazing you couldn’t help but fall in love with them. (Ertugul/Turkey/Bamsi)
    The Turks were such beautiful people with so much faith in their God.
    I just wish this could go on with the same characters but for the story to be told we know characters have to change.
    Just couldn’t get enough of it.

  28. I was addicted to this show, loved every minute.

  29. Resurrection made me hooked. I am now watching Season 1 episode 1(again)fell in love to Ertugrul and Halime. I wished, Halime didn’t die on this series. I just love good love story.

  30. Fantastic movie serial,for me best actor was Noyan & his evil eyes.The trama of spies where so repetitive over & over ,they can not did better with this drama.It was awful what Templars & Cruzades did in the name of Jesus,it was very bad example for Papas & Ministers of Catolic Religion,but God is Ala for all religion.

  31. Ioved this series so much that I’ve watched the whole series three times. I hope there will be a continuation.

  32. I watched all the Seasons but did not care for Season 5. I was disappointed when Halime died & I took an early dislike of llibige & never liked her thru the whole season. Remember Ertugrel said Halime was buried so deeply in his heart, he told Osman the love of his three sons was enough for him & then ended up marrying again to this woman that had a hateful disposition, loud talker & had been an enemy to the Turks, so unlike Halime that was so gentle & quiet. If this was not true in history then they should not have included it. My favorite cast members was Bamsi & Hafsa, Turgut & Selcan kept things going & was well informed. B

  33. I watcher Siri and Seyit on Netflix and the father is the same father on Resurrection,this is my second Turkish series and both very intense. As one of the other women said she is a happily married women but it is hard after seeing these gorgeous Turk men,my heart can’t decide , I love them all even Noyan🥰.We are still watching but I don’t want it to end, I know I will be heartbroken.I have to say the women are beautiful and I love the fact you get some History with the Customs of a different era.Thank you for making my heart beat fast again, closing my eyes and telling my husband to tell me when it is over and if Noyan ever needs a dancing partner I am ready. Thank You to all of you for taking me on a Beautiful Journey!

  34. Lorraine Davidson

    I am from Australia and loved the series so much watched it twice. All the actors were amazing, much better than the americans I feel. They really took on their roles with passion so much so that you felt that was who they actually were.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter with Osman.

  35. Lorraine Davidson

    The most amazing series, watched it twice. Amazing actors and the scernery was outstanding.
    Will probably watch it again!! Hopefully the next chapter will be available in the near future.

  36. Just started watchung this series and i cant move from the tv, my husband have to turn off the tv on me
    The actors are great,showing Islam in a positive light
    JUST LOVE THE CAST. Sending my love to the cast

  37. I have been binging on Netflix. I can’t get enough of this show. Fantastic

  38. anne jones (bristol england)

    i have been watching Ressurection, ergotrol. series 1 i am on episode 43 .it is mesmerizing, i love it cant stop watching now ,the stars are brilliant ,but Engin Altan Duzyatan, is gorgeous, i dont want to turn it off.still have a lot of catching up to do ,will be watching passion.its brilliant . my love to all the cast .

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