Engin Altan Duzyatan & Burak Ozcivit in Resurrection Osman (Diriliş Osman) Turkish Drama

Resurrection Osman (Diriliş Osman) Period Starts After Resurrection Ertugrul

Resurrection Osman (Diriliş Osman) will be the continuation project of Resurrection Ertugrul (Diriliş Ertuğrul). Mehmet Bozdağ, the producer of Resurrection Ertugrul, confirmed the news about upcoming Turkish drama by saying that “Burak Özçivit will be the Osman character. Best wishes on our new companionship.”

Burak Özçivit will give life to Osman Gazi who is the founder of Ottomon Empire. He will take part in the continuation project of Resurrection Ertugrul. Osman Gazi is the son of Ertuğrul Gazi, who is given life by Engin Altan Duzyatan in Turkish drama Resurrection Ertuğrul.

Burak Ozcivit stated that “We have started our journey with Resurrection Osman (Diriliş Osman). Best wishes to all of us.” This content belongs to www.turkishcelebritynews.com

Burak Ozcivit and Mehmet Bozdag - Resurrection Osman (Diriliş Osman)

Resurrection Osman will start to be broadcasted after the finale of Resurrection Ertugrul. The youth of Osman Gazi will take place in the ongoing Turkish drama of Resurrection Ertuğrul. Yet, Engin Altan Duzyatan and Burak Özcivit will not take part together at the same scene. In the Resurrection Osman, another actor (not Engin Altan Duzyatan) will portray the old age of Ertuğrul Gazi.

The baby brought good luck

The shooting of Resurrection Osman (Diriliş Osman) will start on April 2019.

Now, Fahriye Evcen is 3-months pregnant and is expecting her baby to be born around April 2019. Özcivit and Evcen commented on this situation by saying that “Our baby has already brought good luck”. This content belongs to www.turkishcelebritynews.com

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  1. I love watching Resserection. I would watch 10 hours straight every night. I love the Ertugul and his wife Characters. Where can I buy Ertugul’s poster?

    • Both my husband and myself are addicted to Resurrection Etrugrul and can’t wait for Resurrection Osman to commence

      • My wife and I have just watched the last episode of the full series. We will now need therapy as we have been watching quite possibly the best entertainment ever. Brilliant story lines coupled with brilliant acting. C

  2. Enjoyed the ertugrul series with the whole family it’s fun to watch with younger kids and learn about Muslim bravery and valour both on and off the battlefield also the love stories are brilliant without nudity and promoting promiscuity.
    In sha Allah those days will return soon….

  3. Amazing work! I am obsessed with Turkish history especially the Ottomans.. and now I know where they came from.
    The producer, director and especially the actors did an amazing job!
    Please give us more of these amazing series and teach us about the incredible history.
    I watch at least 10 episodes every night and can’t wait to watch it all.

  4. An amazing and enlightening series.. A true addiction on Islamic history.. I am currently watching season 5 with bated breath episode 23
    Are there more episodes in this season
    Fantastic cast nd performance
    Brilliant.. Keep it up

  5. Am not Muslim but i enjoy watch this series i alread finnish season 5 waiting for 6 now resurrection osman 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  6. My one of the most favorite drama series in my life.

  7. Shakila Ismail Fadra

    Enjoyed watching each n every episode of each n every season. Back to back. Just loved it. Waiting eagerly for the next season.

  8. I’m waiting. Please let me know when it starts.
    Jazakumullah. N. Shukran

  9. I loved this series and can’t wait to see Ressurection Osman. My husband and I would watch a few episodes each night. Now that we’ve finished Ertical, we don’t know what to watch we got so hooked.

  10. Absuletly loved the series!!! Completely hooked on it and am waiting for Osman’s series and am wondering if that too will be on netflix. Does anybody know?

  11. I’m not Muslim but I enjoy history of the world since I was a little girl. Resurrection Ertugrul brought so much enlightening about Turks history that my views about the culture is so much more realistic. I couldn’t stop watching one episode after another. There was not a single second of boredom on any of the episodes, in fact I watched 1-4 series 3 times., while waiting for season 5. I’m excited about Resurrection Osman, however, I’m concerned about identifying with the characters as much as with Ertugrul, Turgut, Bamsi, Dogan, Etc.

    • The season 6 Episode 1 of Dirillis Osman (next serie after Dirillis Ertugrul part) will start end of October, begin november of this 2019. Certainly and not later than that. I knew personally from the maker himself when I was last summer in Turkey. It wil be shown on atv TV Channel, but I can’t say if it will be subtitled in English or other languages. We hope one day later that the seasons will be on NETFLIX or on other channel with subtitling.

  12. E uma pena que aqui no Brasil demore tanto para chegar nova temporada, espero ansiosamente a sexta temporada. infelizmente no tetflix ainda não chegou…Onde poderei ver? Amo esta serie já vi duas vezes desde a primeira temporada até a quinta..

  13. Resurrection Ertugrul has captured all of my time. I became obsessed to get to the end. I’ve enjoyed this so much and know that I’m the only one in my circle that can claim to have watched every single episode in all five seasons. I’m not turkish, Muslim nor do I speak arabic but would love to clearly understand. It appeared that the english translated version was done with many modern undertones. Very well done so that we can clearly relate and understand. Awasome action, and landscapes throughout.

    Thank you the many actors and producers of this great series thank you for the enlightenment of the fundamental virtues of Islam portrayed throughout the series. I’ve learned so much.

    Otravez muchas gracias y espero la temporada 6.

  14. This show was FANTASTIC. It was truly so very addictive once you start watching it and I cant wait until Dirillis Osman begins. Even though I’m knowledgeable regarding religion and how the importance of it shaped the worlds landscape back then, this program was so beautifully done that what ever religion you may practice you cant help but feel that each day be thankful for everything. Thank you to those that brought this program to share with the world.

  15. Antônio Adolfo Carneiro Alvarenga

    Que venha logo a sexta temporada, mas tem um probleminha, essa série é apaixonante, chegando a causar ansiedade, espero que continue sendo uma produção turca, pois é incrivelmente superior a todas que já vi. Sem conteúdo de apelação sexual, sem sensacionalismo, uma série de conteúdo para a vida.
    Estou apaixonado pela Turquia.

  16. Oh my God, I only started to watch Eruthrul few months ago, took time off my sleep to finish all 5 series, few hours a night, I work full time.. can’t wait for Osman to start in English subtitle

    Can you do Eruthrul in cinema .. take clips to make a movie .. part 1-3 maybe cinemas in UK

  17. Love it totally I am having withdrawals it was absolutely the show I have seemed in a longtime, waiting on osman. I will definitely miss seeing Ertugrul and the gang .Love it

  18. Ertuğrul Diriliş is one of the best series on Netflix or anywhere, for that matter. It blows away anything Hollywood has put out, and there weren’t even sex scenes, just real good writing, directing and acting. I’ve watched the entire series several times and have even learned a bit of Turkish along the way, and loved it all. I have my fingers crossed that Osman Duruluş will be as good. I can’t wait to see it!

  19. Ohhhh !!! my God! ! WHEN I SAY AWESOME !!! This series had me wanting to put toothpicks under my eyelids to hold my eyes open .What more can i say, but thank you, for sharing this AMAZING series.I agree with the other comments better than Game Of Thrones.The actor and actresses were phenomenal .i have watch it twice on round 3 .I’m truly looking forward to seeing Osman series.

  20. I loved the whole series I started watching it after finishing Magnificent Century. I love how it was broken down in detail about the Muslim religion. The actors wrre great. Cannot wait to start watching Osman. This has been a very great educational piece and I look forward to more.

  21. Not the same without aan apperance from Engin Altan Duzyatan!! Sorry but we as fans got to fall in love with this proyect because of him.

  22. Resurrection Ertugrul has captured all of my time. I became obsessed to get to the end. I’ve enjoyed this so much and know that I’m the only one in my circle that can claim to have watched every single episode in all five seasons. I’m not turkish, Muslim nor do I speak arabic but would love to clearly understand. It appeared that the english translated version was done with many modern undertones. Very well done so that we can clearly relate and understand. Awasome action, and landscapes throughout.

    Thank you the many actors and producers of this great series thank you for the enlightenment of the fundamental virtues of Islam portrayed throughout the series. I’ve learned so much

  23. I watched the entire Erturgul Series several times over and thoroughly enjoyed it and learning about the Turkisk culture and I love it and can’t wait for the Osman series. I love the story line behind the series and I especially love that there are NO SEX SCENESi love Something that is all too common in american movies, I’ve starting watching many other Turkisk movies which are most enjoyable and all are far superior to other movie makers which I find quite sickening with too much sex,drugs & nasty voilence. Please keep making movies I come from a very small pacific country called New Zealand cheers.

    • Paulo Cezar de Almeida

      Excelente série! Consegue divulgar com maestria a cultura islâmica! E aguardo ansioso para a continuação da saga, agora com Osman!

  24. Really a wonderful series, best casting, great dialogue and decent delivery, beautiful locations, everything is awesome….. This is the best ever series I enjoyed… Impressed with the kayi culture, their values everything is excellent.. Thanks for producing such a wonderful series…. And best of luck for Dirilis Osman too..

  25. Absolutely amazing series! Best I’ve ever seen! Love how much I’ve learned about being a true Muslim. The second season was very poorly translated though… Very upsetting to see Halime gone, especially when history says she had 4 boys. Very poor choice to nix her. I am completely addicted to the series though. Very upsetting to hear that it ended. Perfect casting! Hope Resurrection Osman is as clean and brilliant and beautiful as Resurrection Ertugrul is. Way better than anything Hollywood has ever produced BY FAR! Cheers!

  26. Awesome series – 1 – 5 now awaiting Resurrection Osman.Totally enjoyed the scenery, the horses the actors – Engin Altan perfect as Ertrugrul. More series about Turkish history Please…Fan from Australia

  27. My life has changed thanks to this magnificent series. Hollywood had never achieve such quality in any way! Such a decent and learning experience where I learned so much about Turkish people and True Islam. I loved it from start to finish.
    I feel sad that Erturgrul ended, but I’m anxious to see Osman! Congratulations to all the people who took part in these Resurrection Erturgrul! Magnificent!!!!

  28. I enjoyed Resurrection Ertugral, especially the beautifully described stories of Islam. How far the fanatics have departed from the teachings. I was also surprised that Islam includes Jesus, Adam & Noah. Like others, I appreciated the absence of sex and the respect shown to women, equality of all people and care of the poor. I thought the filming was not well done and the script repetitive and not substantial. But the story held me to the seat very late nightly. Actors did a great job and were well cast. Not fair to take Halime out- why, when it contradicts history ( I read the history of the story). I’m not Muslim but I enjoyed inn Arabi style.

  29. When will Resurrection Osman begin playing on Netflix ??

  30. I absolutely loved Resurrection Ertugrul from beginning to end!! I’m 60 and not Muslim but M Christian – my son converted to Islam and this series was so good to watch with him! We both loved watching it and Arabi just fed me food for my soul! It was so nice to o my imagine intimacy and not have to watch what is behind closed doors! Such a respectful and also exciting fighting scenes to watch! Even the music would get me moving on my seat! HaHA
    I cried , I laughed I got angry and couldn’t wait for next episode!
    Thank you and look forward to Osman series!!! I’ll miss Ertugrul though!

  31. I have watched this amazing series and stayed up watching it though the day till 3 am and more. No sex scenes. Loved the teachers in it. All the actors were wonderful in their roles and I loved the story lines. Can’t wait to see the Osman series. I am from the UK but watched how the Turks fought for justice.

  32. This show beats “Game of Thrones”!!! Big time! Husband and I finished watching final episode last night (3/21/2020). Was so upset I won’t be seeing all the characters any more. Brilliant show! The casting director is a genius – Hollywood Studios should pay attention and learn from you. The costumes alone should have given you Oscars alone. Such attention to detail down to the swords, head dresses, costumes. Just Amazing. Turkish productions are better than the ones in U.S. Wake up Hollywood. The actors that were cast in this spectacular movie were beyond perfect! Loved Bamsi, Turgut & of course, Eurutul. Even the horses were beautiful. I feel such dread waking up today and not being able to know what their future holds. This was the greatest show I have ever seen and will ever see. I wish all the characters much luck, health and happiness as well as all support staff, producers, directors continued success. Please make more movies like this come to life – Turkish history is fascinating! Love you

    • I couldnt agree with you more. I can wait to see the continuation of Osman. I wish the American studios would take a lesson from Turkish studios. I hate seeing all this sex stuff, who needs to see that, I like history, clean history.

  33. Em frm Pakistan n i love this season. its just AMAZING.u guys should keep making seasons like this .Now bcz of the addidction i cant wait to see the 2nd season.this is so inspiring

  34. Alhamdullillah..My wife watched the entire full episode !!! We were lucky as it is a mini lockdown here in Singapore.
    We would like to know when will Osman series kicks off? We watched Etugrul over Netflix. Appreciate your updates.

    Thank you

  35. I absolutely love this series.i love historical t.v . I wish we as humans still lived with the respect they have of each other

  36. Omg im absolutely addicted to Resurrection Etrugrul. The best series ever. I have been watching all seasons during lockdown and i found myself feeling unwell from not sleeping most of the nights, watching it all night until morning and had only few hours sleeping during the day. Now finished the season 5 and i miss it like crazy. Cant wait for the continuation on Resurrection Osman. Please let me know🙏🙏❤❤

  37. bestshowof all time

  38. My husband and I watched resurrection Ertrugal five years worth twice. This by far is the best series ever. We live in the U.S and we love foreign films. Can’t wait to see resurrection Osman. It’s great that the history is true. God bless!

  39. Bravo , bravo, bravo … This series was second to none. I watched Resurrection:Ertugrul nonstop iterally for 3 weeks straight, even sometimes through the night. It had my attention from the first episode until the very last. I commend the producers. screenwriters & actors for jobs well done. They were outstanding! I cried & rejoiced when the Kayi tribe cried & rejoiced. Truly, it was as if I was a part of that dispensation of time. The Directors did a fabulous job with the casting, and the authenticity of the costume & jewelry design, set designs, etc. I earned so much. It is a series definitely to be remembered.

    All I can say is, “thank you, thank you, thank you”. It was a such wonderful experience watching Resurrection:Ertugrul. Looking forward to Resurrection:Osman.

    Shalom, and many blessings! 😊🙏

  40. I cannot same much about this series as all comments here have just confirmed how such an amazing cast and acting! But I have one question? Why would Etrugrul marry and leave the wife to go away? Anyways, kudos to all the actors here and I cannot wait to watch Osman

  41. Is Kurulus Osman the continuation of Dirilis Ertrugul? Just finished watching the season 5 of it! Can’t sleep, have no apetite of other films! My wife started watching it, I was like why on earth would you watch what you can’t understand! Then subsequently I hijacked the film from her! Please what should i do now???

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