The World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women List Includes 5 Turks

Based in the United States, Top Beauty World recently released its official list of The World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women.

The list, based on 2016 numbers, puts five Turkish women at the top.

The Turkish women who made the list includes Serenay Sarikaya at 88, Fahriye Evcen at 84, Hazal Kaya at 80, Meryem Uzerli at 40 and popular Turkish actress Tuba Buyukustun at 17!

5 Turkish women who are in the list are as follows:

88 – Serenay Sarikaya

Serenay Sarikaya

84 – Fahriye Evcen

Fahriye Evcen

80 – Hazal Kaya

Hazal Kaya

40 – Meryem Uzerli

Meryem Uzerli

17 – Tuba Buyukustun

Tuba Buyukustun 1


Here is a full list of The Most Beautiful Women of 2016:

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