Turkish Style Survivor (2017)

Turkish Style Survivor is a lot different version of the popular reality Survivor. It follows the format of American Survivor, but there are so many differences. Turkish style Survivor is not only popular in Turkey but also popular in Greece. The producer of Turkish Style Survivor (Acun Media) also started s Survivor show in Greece and that show breaks a record number of views in Greece’s television.  Turkish Style Survivor in Greece has reportedly hit 60-65 percent TV share.

Format and Rules

Unlike the American version that airs once a week, the Turkish version aired four or five times a week. The show’s duration is very long, in 2 and a half hours clean screen time (3 and a half hours with commercial time added)

There are 27 contestants (in season 2017), instead of the usual 16. The contestants are initially separated into tribes. One tribe is called “Celebrities” the other is called “Volunteers”.  Celebrities usually consist of former soccer players, ex athletes, swimmers, actors/actresses, singers or models. Volunteers are normal people but most of them have sport background.

In each week they do challenges, one is for food, two is for immunity and the other one is for something called ”communication reward” where the winner team gets the opportunity to see photos and messages from their family and friends.

When either of the tribe members decreases to 2, individual matches start.

Location and Time

Dominican Republic. For 5 months.

Voting Style   

Each week, there is a Tribal Council. The team that loses the immunity game makes the Tribal Council. At Tribal Councils, each contestants has an equal voting right to determine who would be eliminated. Whoever gets the most votes at these councils becomes the nominee to leave the island. Also, the contestant who wins the individual immunity has a right to choose the 2nd nominee to leave the island.  There are two immunity games in each week and thus, there are 4 nominees that start to be voted by the viewers. The contestant who gets the least SMS votes from the public leaves the island.


Gaining Weight Throughout the Show

We never know how much weight each contestant have lost or gained over the course of the show.  Is it really difficult to disclose “Weight Before Survivor” and  “Weight After Survivor”.

Most of the contestants lose a significant amount of weight at the beginning. During the 8th-10th week of the show, we usually watch how much weight the contestants have lost. Until this deadline, contestants really lose weight. But after then we are not informed about their weight. After this deadline, most of the contestants (both men and women) are getting weight.

Additionally, Survivor depletes males’ muscles. It is possible that without proper nutrition and workout, people can lose their muscles. But, it is still weird that most of the male contestants start to have Turkish belly.

Making Demagogy to Get SMS Voting

In order to earn a spot back in the game, nominees at the Tribal Council make a speech to the public for 2-3 minutes. Usually, we see that nominees cry, speak about justice/injustice, their willingness to stay in the island etc. Most of the time, demagogy works in Turkey.

Survivor Turkey 2017


List of Survivor Turkey 2017 Contestants
ContestantOcupationOriginal tribeMerged tribe
Adem Kilicci KickboxerCelebritiesMerged Tribe
Berna OzturkDJCelebrities
Fatih HurkanActorCelebrities
Furkan KizilayActor, SingerCelebrities
Ilhan MansizFormer football playerCelebritiesMerged Tribe
Pinar SakaFormer athleteCelebrities
Sabriye SengulKickboxerCelebritiesMerged Tribe
Seda DemirActressCelebrities
Sedat KaburtuSingerCelebrities
Sema ApakFormer athleteCelebritiesMerged Tribe
Serhat AkinFormer football playerCelebritiesMerged Tribe
Sahika ErcumenFree-DiverCelebrities
Tarik MengucSingerCelebrities
Anil KarakurtEmployer at civil aviationVolunteers
Berna KekliklerModelVolunteersMerged Tribe
Bulut Ozdemiroglu UnemployedVolunteers
Burcak TuncerArchitectVolunteers
DenisaBody BuilderVolunteers
Elif SadogluBody BuilderVolunteers
Erdi UnverUnemployedVolunteers
Eser WestUnemployedVolunteers
Fulya SahinUnemployedVolunteers
Gokhan GozukanUnemployedVolunteers
Ogeday GiriskenOarsmanVolunteersMerged Tribe
Sadin BakirWrestlerVolunteers
Tugce Melis DemirIce hokey playerVolunteers
Volkan CetinkayaSwimming and athleticism trainerVolunteers
Yigit IzikModelVolunteers

Voting History

Tribal CouncilImmunity LoserTribeIndividual Immunity WinnerNominated by ImmuneNominated by GroupEliminated by SMS Voting
Week 11st ImmunityVolunteersVolkan CetinkayaFulya SahinErdi UnverFulya Sahin
2nd ImmunityVolunteersOgeday GiriskenEser WestBerna Keklikler
Week 21st ImmunityVolunteersOgeday GiriskenSadin BakirDenisaSeda Demir
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesIlhan MansizSabriye SengulSeda Demir
Week 31st ImmunityVolunteersVolkan CetinkayaErdi UnverDenisaDenisa
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesSedat KaburtuAdem KilicciSabriye Sengul
Week 41st ImmunityVolunteersTugce Melis DemirSadin BakirYigit Izik
Erdi Unver
Yigit Izik
2nd ImmunityVolunteersEser WestElif SadogluGokhan Gozukan
Week 51st ImmunityCelebritiesAdem KilicciSedat KaburtuSabriye SengulBerna Ozturk
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesFurkan KizilaySahika ErcumenBerna Ozturk
Week 61st ImmunityCelebritiesFatih HurkanSabriye SengulSadin Bakir
2nd ImmunityVolunteersGokhan GozukanErdi UnverSadin Bakir
Week 71st ImmunityCelebritiesSema ApakAdem KilicciSabriye SengulTarik Menguc
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesIlhan MansizSedat KaburtuTarik Menguc
Week 81st ImmunityCelebritiesSedat KaburtuAdem KilicciSahika ErcumenFatih Hurkan
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesIlhan MansizPinar SakaFatih Hurkan
Week 91st ImmunityCelebritiesAdem KilicciSedat KaburtuSahika ErcumenSedat Kaburtu
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesSabriye SengulFurkan KizilayPinar Saka
Week 101st ImmunityVolunteersTugce Melis DemirBerna KekliklerErdi UnverBulut Ozdemiroglu
2nd ImmunityVolunteersVolkan CetinkayaGokhan GozukanBulut Ozdemiroglu
Week 111st ImmunityVolunteersOgeday GiriskenBerna KekliklerErdi UnverErdi Unver
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesSerhat AkinAdem KilicciSabriye Sengul
Week 131st ImmunityVolunteersOgeday GiriskenBerna Keklikler
Gokhan Gozukan
Pinar Saka
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesAdem Kilicci
Sahika Ercumen
Sabriye Sengul
Pinar Saka
Week 141st ImmunityCelebritiesFurkan KizilaySahika ErcumenSabriye SengulSahika Ercumen
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesAdem KilicciSema Apak
Week 151st ImmunityVolunteersOgeday GiriskenAnil KarakurtBerna KekliklerBurcak Tuncer
2nd ImmunityVolunteersVolkan CetinkayaGokhan Gozukan
Burcak Tuncer
Week 161st ImmunityVolunteersAnil KarakurtOgeday GiriskenTugce Melis DemirTugce Melis Demir
2nd ImmunityVolunteersVolkan CetinkayaBerna Keklikler
Week 171st ImmunityVolunteersGokhan GozukanVolkan CetinkayaBerna Keklikler
Anil Karakurt
Anil Karakurt
2nd ImmunityVolunteersOgeday GiriskenElif Sadoglu
Week 181st ImmunityVolunteersBerna KekliklerVolkan CetinkayaOgeday GiriskenVolkan Cetinkaya
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesSema ApakIlhan MansizAdem Kilicci
Week 191st ImmunityCelebritiesAdem KilicciFurkan KizilaySabriye SengulFurkan Kizilay
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesSema ApakIlhan Mansiz
Week 201st ImmunityVolunteersBerna KekliklerElif SadogluGokhan GozukanGokhan Gozukan
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesSabriye SengulIlhan MansizAdem Kilicci
Week 211st ImmunityVolunteersBerna KekliklerElif SadogluOgeday GiriskenElif Sadoglu
2nd ImmunityCelebritiesAdem KilicciIlhan MansizSabriye Sengul
Week 22Ogeday GiriskenSabriye SengulBerna KekliklerBerna Keklikler
Adem KilicciSerhat Akin
Week 22Sema ApakSabriye Sengul
Adem Kilicci
Serhat Akin
Sabriye Sengul
Ogeday Girisken
Ilhan Mansiz
Week 22Sema ApakOgeday Girisken
Ilhan Mansiz
Ilhan Mansiz
Serhat Akin
Adem Kilicci
Quarter FinalOgeday GiriskenSema Apak
Adem Kilicci
Sema Apak
Serhat Akin
Semi finalOgeday Girisken
Serhat Akin
Adem Kilicci
Serhat Akin
FinalOgeday Girisken
Adem Kilicci
Adem Kilicci

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