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Turkish Dramas Inspire Newborns’ Names in Chile

Turkish Dramas Inspire Newborns’ Names in Chile Featured image

Turkish dramas are so popular thousands of miles away in South America. In Chile for example, a Turkish series called 1001 Nights was the most viewed program in 2014. Influenced by the high-rated Turkish dramas, Chileans started to give Turkish names to their babies. Authorities announced that the characters in Turkish dramas are the biggest inspiration for Chilean parents while …

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Turkish Dramas’ New Target is East Asia

Turkish Dramas’ New Target

Turkish dramas have gained a massive ratings success in all over the world. After Middle East and Latin America, Turkish dramas will be aired in East Asia TV as well. Turkey: World’s Second Highest Exporter of TV series According to Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkey has become the world’s second highest exporter of TV series exporter after the …

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