A New Turkish Movie: On Behalf of You and Me (Ikimizin Yerine)

Turkish Movie “On Behalf of You and Me (Ikimizin Yerine)” draws attention with its cast. Nejat Isler who has suffered from a serious sickness will meet with the audience. The other protagonist is Serenay Sarikaya who is a very popular actress in recent years. Nejat and Serenay was together also in the movie of Behzat C is Burning (Behzat C Yaniyor).

The director of the movie is Umur Turagay who is known as a director of the Turkish movie Mixed Pizza (Karisik Pizza). The screenwriter is Pinar Bulut.

Storyline: Cicek (Serenay Sarikaya) is a young girl who lives in a small town and has a very monotone life. She seeks for the meaning of her life. Her life changes dramatically with the arrival of the young teacher Dogan (Nejat Isler). Cicek and Dogan fall in love with each other even though they know that it is a forbidden love. However, the couple faces with too many obstacles as time passes.

You will explore a very romantic love story.


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