Turkey’s Oscar Nominee “Ayla” Brings Korean War Memories

Turkish movie “Ayla” will be Turkey’s Oscar nominee for the best foreign language film category in the 90th Academy Awards to be held on March 4, 2018.

Kim seol, ismail hacioglu, murat yildirim in Ayla movie

This Turkish movie is based on a true story and tells the true story about a Turkish soldier and a little girl in the Korean War.

ismail hacioglu is reading a book to kim seol (ayla)

The 60th Anniversary of the Turkish soldiers’ landing in Busan, “Ayla” will be going to South Korea for a wide public relations campaign during October and then to Los Angeles.

kim seol in ayla turkish movie


Director: Can Ulkay

Screen Writer: Yigit Guralp

Producer: Mustafa Uslu Director of Photography: Jean Paul Seresin Production Designer: Firat Yunluel Editor: Mustafa Presheva Costume Designer: Baran Ugurlu Music Composer: Fahir Atakoglu

turkish soldier in ayla movie

Turkish Movie “Ayla” Storyline:

Ayla is based on a true story.

Sergeant Suleyman goes to Korea as a member of the Turkish Armed Forces who participates in the Korean War in 1950. He finds a five-year old Korean girl who has lost her parents during the war. Suleyman names this girl “Ayla” and starts to take care of her. They becomes like a real father and a daughter.

After 15-month process, the Turkish team returns to Turkey and Sergeant Suleyman tries to do everything to take Ayla with him. He fights the Korean bureaucracy but fails. He is forced to give Ayla to an orphanage before he leaves the country. But they both promise to find each other.

Will Sergeant Suleyman and Ayla reunite again?

child actress kim seol in ayla movie

Turkish Movie “Ayla” Cast:

Cetin Tekindor

Ismail Hacioglu

Kim Seol

Lee Kyung-Jin

Erkan Petekkaya

Murat Yildirim

Ali Atay

Damla Sonmez

Taner Birsel

Sinem Ozturk

Altan Erkekli

Ilber Gurtunca

Meral Cetinkaya

Caner Kurtaran

Busra Develi

Esra Dermancioglu

Mehmet Esen

Duygu Yetis

Ayla Trailer (Eng Sub)

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