A Surprise Birthday Party for Beren Saat

Kenan Dogulu organized a surprise birthday party for his wife Beren Saat at Soho House, Istanbul.

Beren Saat is now 35 years old.

The couple’s parents and friends attended to the birthday party.

Beren Saat's birthday gifts

Kenan Dogulu took care of everything in order to make this night special. It is talked that Kenan Dogulu spent almost 50 thousand Turkish Liras (approximately 15 thousands US dollars) for this organization.

Beren Saat's birthday DJ performance

The attendants enjoyed with a DJ performance and the show of famous belly dancer Didem. Kenan Dogulu sang his popular songs by looking at the eyes of his wife.

Beren Saat's 2017 Birthday cake

After the party, the couple spent their night at the King Suite of the Hotel where Kenan Dogulu decorated the room with dozens of white roses.

Here is some of the photos from Beren Saat’s birthday party:

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