Almeda Abazi and Tolgahan Sayışman Shows Their Baby’s Face

Almeda Abazi and Tolgahan Sayisman showed the face of their baby boy “Efehan” on social media for the first time. Their baby was born in 5 May 2019.

Abazi shared their family photo just after the birth with a message “the first time we takes our baby on our lap after the birth”. On that photo, the face of the baby was not shown yet the photo got more than 150 thousands likes.

Tolgahan Sayisman, Almeda Abazi and their baby

Abazi and Sayisman couple lifted the ban for sharing their baby boy photo and posted the photo of Tolgahan Sayisman and his son. Tolgahan Sayisman shared the photo of his son with a message “the moment when words are falling short”.   

Tolgahan Sayisman and His Baby

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