Ayca Aysin Turan Came Back with Meryem!

Ayça Ayşin Turan talked to Hürriyet about her new tv series ‘Meryem’.

Your first tv series lasted 245 episodes, your next tv series ‘Karagül’ lasted 125 episodes. Then you played as a leading actress in a movie, but we hardly know you …

– Instead of consuming things fast, I find it more appropriate to progress slowly, firmly and with baby steps. It is also strange to express myself in interviews.

Oh no…

– For example, I can switch off the sound recorder without delay (laughs). Actually, I have  camera phobia. But for the other character on the set that I am playing, I am getting through the situation without problems.

We only know that you are from Sinop province, can you tell us who you are?

I do not like gossip, I’m emotional, besides I’m strong and logical. I keep trying to identify myself. I can not tolerate  disrespect.

Everything looks perfect. Do not you have flaws, obsessions?

– You want to find my flaws? I am compatible and well-behaved. I am not even choosy in eating.

Are you a little boring?

– Do I look boring from there? I think I am a lot of fun, even crazy. I have some imbalances, of course. I am a scorpio woman who shows my feelings. I can not eat  lemon and orange sugar, I am sick.   If I’m staying in a hotel, the bed should not look at the door and see it. If I’m traveling alone on an airplane, definitely stay by the corridor.

What kind of family do you have?

– My father is a teacher, my mother is a housewife. I played in the streets, I fall, I walked, I got hurt. I was very social. But I got quiet as I grew up. We are 7 siblings, two girls and five boys, I am the latest birth.

Is your story based on the “I would want to be an actress since childhood”, too?

– No. Everything suddenly developed one by one. When choosing a high school section, I was interested in this work behind the scenes. I won the Istanbul University Radio-TV-Cinema Department. One day while sitting in the garden, my manager, Tümay Özokur,  called to see me. We have come across by chance before. After that interview, my first job started and I found myself on the set.

Did you fear from Istanbul?

– I lived in a tiny place in Sinop. When I came to Istanbul I had difficulty adapting, so I wanted to return. I cried thinking I could not do it. But I got used to it in time.  My first job was featured on 5 days in a week and conditions were heavy. I even remember being taken to the hospital. But I understand that this job is a passion, and as I experienced, acting became a serious passion for me.


Ayça Ayşin Turan has been likened to Miranda Kerr since she started her career. But she does not agree with this analogy: “I am Ayça, she is Miranda. We are people from different worlds, doing different things. If she were an actress, this analogy would be more honorable to me. ”

Beauty is an important factor in getting started but not everything. What matters is the self-improvement. When I look at the mirror, I see myself as an ordinary woman. The more important part is the soul and character.

Your new tv series ‘Meryem’ starts this week. Come on, tell me a little bit.

– When people started to talk about Meryem , it opens flowers in my heart. She is so good … She lived in a bell jar, she does not know what evil is. Pure, clean, full of life energy. Like a fairy … Maybe I could be a Meryem  if I kept living in Sinop. But I came to Istanbul and my life changed.

What does the series tell us?

– Changing lives in a night,  and a big secret has developed over the events. Love, revenge, hate, in short, all feelings in it. I also believe that human life can change in a day. Momma says: “You do not know what’s waiting for you behind the door.”

Meryem takes over the guilt of her boyfriend in the first episode of a traffic accident. Would you make the same decision?

– Meryem is altruistic, she does not know anyone else but her boyfriend, she takes the guilt because she trust him. I have learned to labor and sacrifice more with this character. But I could not do much of it.

Every week a new tv series begins. Why should we watch yours?

– Because Meryem is one of us. Meryem and Turkish women are very similar to each other. She is very self-sacrificing, a good character who can do everything she can for her loved ones, just like every Turkish woman. Anyone who follows will find something from themselves.

Footnote: Meryem is a remake of South Korean tv series called Secret.




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