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Bensu Soral Beats Yasemin Allen

Cagatay Ulusoy’s new Turkish drama Within (İçeriden) will be broadcasted this season. Bensu Soral has become Cagatay’s partner in this Turkish drama. The producers have just made this decision. Before, they could not decide between Bensu Soral and Yasemin Allen. However, it is claimed that Yasemin Allen wanted to get 30 bin TL (10 thousand US dollars) per episode whereas Bensu Soral accepted to get 10 bin TL (3500 US dollars) per episode. This financial motive lead Bensu Soral to get the role.

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  1. We all love him, but fans from the wholw world want to see Hazal Kaya in this project with Cagatay together. Without her, there is no point watching the show.

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