cansu dere will be a surrogate mother featured

Cansu Dere Will Be a Surrogate Mother!

Cansu Dere is returning to TV soon. Her expected tv series with Murat Yildirim was cancelled last year when Murat Yildirim started to work with Meryem Uzerli.

Eventually, Cansu Dere has accepted a new offer. In this new turkish drama which has benn adapted by Japanese production “Mother”, Cansu Dere will become a surrogate mother. This turkish drama will be broadcasted in Star TV. Vahide Percin and Gonca Vuslateri will also work together with Cansu Dere.

Storyline: Zeynep (Cansu Dere) accepts to become a surrogate mother. After giving a birth, however, she cannot give her baby and decides to take away the baby and leave everything behind.

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  1. Before you wrote the article you could first do a resource. This is not the storyline of the series. Cansu will not play surrogate mother, she is not giving a birth.

    • Thank you for your comment. But, we have received this news from a famous Turkish magazine website that discloses up-to-date news about Turkish celebrities. Please see the following article (which is in Turkish though):

      If you have a different news about Cansu Dere, please write to us!

      • I think you mistranslated the article. A ‘surrogate’ mother is a woman who gives birth to someone else’s child. Basically the womb is hers but the egg belongs to another couple. Cansu isn’t a surrogate mother. She adopts the child, she’s an adoptive mother, not a surrogate mother.

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