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Engin Altan Duzyatan’s New Project is Kursun (Bullet)

Engin Altan Duzyatan’s New Project is Kursun (Bullet)

Engin Altan Duzyatan, actor from popular Turkish drama Resurrection Ertugrul, returns with a new tv project. In upcoming television season, Engin Altan Duzyatan will take part in turkish series named Kursun (Bullet).

The first script reading of Bullet (Kursun) was on 4 September 2019. It is expected that Bullet (Kursun) tv series will be broadcasted in November 2019 in tv channel Fox TV.

Bullet (Kursun) Turkish Drama Cast

Bullet (Kursun) will star Engin Altan Duzyatan and Burcin Terzioglu. Engin Altan Duzyatan will portray a character named Orhan Atmaca who is a prosecutor searching for justice. Burcin Terzioğlu will portray a character named Leyla Devrim who is a passionate journalist. This content belongs to www.turkishcelebritynews.com

Engin Altan Duzyatan as Orhan Atmaca

Bullet (Kursun) will take place in Turkey in 1970s and we will explore the struggle of Orhan and Leyla on their way towards justice.

Burcu Terzioglu as Leyla Devrim

Producer: Most Production

Project Designer: Gül Oğuz

Director: Burak Arlıel, Murat Can Oğuz

Screen Witer:  Kerem Deren

Broadcasting Network: Fox TV

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  1. Resurrection Ertugrul was a fantastic series. The acting, set and story line was probable the best series I ever watched. The historical aspect gives other religions the real meaning of the moral code of their teachings. Hated to see it end. Very impressed with Turkish movie, TV production.

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