Engin Altan Duzyatan’s New Project is Kursun (Bullet)

Engin Altan Duzyatan’s New Project is Kursun (Bullet)

Engin Altan Duzyatan, actor from popular Turkish drama Resurrection Ertugrul, returns with a new tv project. In upcoming television season, Engin Altan Duzyatan will take part in turkish series named Kursun (Bullet).

The first script reading of Bullet (Kursun) was on 4 September 2019. It is expected that Bullet (Kursun) tv series will be broadcasted in November 2019 in tv channel Fox TV.

Bullet (Kursun) Turkish Drama Cast

Bullet (Kursun) will star Engin Altan Duzyatan and Burcin Terzioglu. Engin Altan Duzyatan will portray a character named Orhan Atmaca who is a prosecutor searching for justice. Burcin Terzioğlu will portray a character named Leyla Devrim who is a passionate journalist. This content belongs to www.turkishcelebritynews.com

Engin Altan Duzyatan as Orhan Atmaca

Bullet (Kursun) will take place in Turkey in 1970s and we will explore the struggle of Orhan and Leyla on their way towards justice.

Burcu Terzioglu as Leyla Devrim

Producer: Most Production

Project Designer: Gül Oğuz

Director: Burak Arlıel, Murat Can Oğuz

Screen Witer:  Kerem Deren

Broadcasting Network: Fox TV

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  1. Resurrection Ertugrul was a fantastic series. The acting, set and story line was probable the best series I ever watched. The historical aspect gives other religions the real meaning of the moral code of their teachings. Hated to see it end. Very impressed with Turkish movie, TV production.

  2. I quiete regret the absene of Engin Altan Duzyatan, in the next series. Sorry, a good makeup would have been enugh to make him look older.

  3. “ Ertugrul “…. the best ever with the best cast ever 👌
    I cannot watch anything else after having watched Ertugrul !
    Please Mehmet Bozdag we need more series like Ertugrul 🙏🏼

  4. We need more ertugrul amazing series why does it have to finish what happens to bamsi

  5. Please air his new show on Netflix. That man channeled Etugural and I feel lost without them. Please bring everything he makes to Netflix and he could have stayed on as a old etugurul

  6. Best TV Series we ever watched!! We are not Muslim or Turkish born and raised in Canada couldn’t stop watching it..some nights we would watch 4 episodes stay up all night before work. The characters where very well matched and the Actor that played Eturgal was outstanding!! I’m not sure if Osmond can ever reach to standard and expectations of the audience.

  7. Best ever TV series.I cant believe it is finished.Kurtulus Osman will never be as populer as Dirilis Ertugrul.Engin Altan Duzyatan and his acting had a huge contribution to success of the series.

  8. zafar iqbal khan niazi

    Engin Altan Düzyatan i miss in kurulus usman my name zfar iqbal khan niazi from Pakistan i also love turkey and turkish peoples

  9. We are Maori from Aotearoa NZ. We (My husband and I) enjoyed every episode. My husband who lives by Maori Tradition, could see many similarities between the Turkish and Maori. For myself, this wonderful learning of the Turkish people and their Quaran beliefs gave me much to think about, and in a good way. I have much respect for the way in which Eturgrul lived life as an example. Thought highly of both is parents in these series too. Beautiful story and history of the Turkish peoples. Thank you for enlightening my understanding….so much respect for all the people behind the scenes and cast.

  10. I am an American from Spokane Valley, in Washington State. I am nearly through watching the entire Ertugral series for the second time. I have also watched the Turkish series Seyit and Surya, and The Girl I Loved. My wife likes these series almost as much as myself. I have developed an appreciation and understanding of Islam, which I knew nothing about prior to watching Ertugral. I enjoy historical dramas, and admire the beauty of the Turkish culture and the country itself.

    Engin Altan Duzyaltan is a brilliant actor, as is the woman who plays his mother on the show. Ertugral is such an inspirational and multi-faceted figure, and Duzyaltan must be an exceptional human being to play him so well. The fact that he would like to play Ataturk, an inspirational and brave man who was the father of the Turkish state, tells me a lot about the kind of person he is.

    I wish the series could have kept the beautiful Halime and Aslihan on the show. Strong women, and oh so gorgeous.

    • I forgot to point out that the actors who played Noyan and Emir Sadettin were also superb. Sadettin is one of best villains I have ever seen on the screen.

  11. I love this drama.ertugrul is the best actor.

  12. Samreen mehmood

    I dont have words to describe the beauty of the drama ERTURAL……Engin has justified with the character of Ertural and the … real hero ertural…..engin has brought him into life and today after 800 years,maybe more then that…..we love and respect the real hero ertural with the core of our heart….i believe that the actor Engin has something that Allah chose him for this role…..who else could bring stars and roses to erturals role.other than Engin.

  13. Ertugrul is not only a series but a revival of the whole Islamic Religion, Culture and Tradition

    watched all five seasons and i learned so much about the History and our true heroes

    And Now, just watched two episodes of Osman….Not that Good tbh!

    Engin has done Justice to the character of Ertugrul so well that for many years to come, Ertugrul will now wont be forgotten!

    Thanks again for reminding us of our true Heritage and Religion

  14. I even can’t watch any other drama either PakistanPakistani or English drama n movies after watching ertugrul still under the spell of this drama.drama.supeerrrrrrbbbbbbbbb drama

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