Okan Yalabik and His Stuntman

Okan Yalabik as Pargali Ibrahim from Magnificent Century. His stuntman: Gokhan Altinisik who works as a salesman in Istanbul, Galata.

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  1. Him, I just subscribed !!! Please keep posting in English, my language. I like to know what is going on with all the Turkish actors/actresses. I think it is an exciting time for Turkey Drama/Comedy around the world, I live in America, state of Texas & I am obsessed with Turkish programs when I can find them with English subtitles, that is hard to do!!! Netflix does not provide “all” seasons, usually only season 1. I am waiting for Netflix to complete at least 20-25 Netflix Turkish Series. I don’t understand how they can get season 1 and not the complete series??? Thank you for your celebrity news!!!

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