Ozan Dolunay Denies the Dating Rumors with Bahar Şahin (from Ruthless City)

Ozan Dolunay has denied the dating rumors with his partner Bahar Şahin in popular Turkish drama Ruthless City (Zalim İstanbul).

Ozan Dolunay and Bahar Sahin are involved in recent dating rumor even though Bahar Şahin has been dating with actor Cenan Adıgüzel.

As part of these rumors, it was said that Ozan Dolunay and Bahar Şahin became closer in the filming set of Ruthless City and these two had a dinner in a restaurant in Bostancı and kissed each other. This content belongs to www.turkishcelebritynews.com

Ozan Dolunay denied the dating rumors on his social media account with the following message:

“I just laugh at today’s news. Bahar Şahin is my friend whom I have known for a long time, with whom I have worked, and with whom I have had a dinner outside for many times. I wish that you came near us, said hello and asked us instead of trying to capture a different angle that could show a normal greeting very different.”

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