Serenay Sarikaya: Where we stand now is unbelievable

Serenay Sarikaya, who has reached the peak of her career with her role in the popular Turkish series Phi (Fi), reacts against the baseless news about her relationship with Kerem Bursin.

Serenay Sarikaya, who is 27 years old right now, has recently ended her 3.5 year relationship with Kerem Bursin. After baseless news about her, she has made an explanation via her Instagram page. This content belongs to

Here is the Serenay Sarikaya’s message:

“You will not believe it but, I am alone and sooo happy. While you are making up out of whole cloth, disrespectful and countless news each day, I, as a young woman, am still trying to get back on my feet steady despite the attacks. No way! That’s enough. While I am saying “nobody would believe it”, you continue to defame my name through perception management and not feel discomfortable for doing this. Where we stand now is unbelievable.

I have requested respect and understanding from you. If we cannot manage to do that at this time, I have to do what is required and start the legal process about making unrealistic, baseless, and ugly gossip-like news concerning my life. My attitude would be like that after then. For your information…”

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