Surprise Love of the Year: Cansu Dere and Engin Akyurek

It has been argued that popular Turkish actor Engin Akyurek and popular actress Cansu Dere have been together for a while.

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Engin Akyurek does not a have girlfriend for a while and Cansu Dere had a French boyfriend the very last. Cansu Dere previously mentioned that she was looking for “intelligence, wisdom, and conservation” at men.

It has been claimed that Engin Akyurek and Cansu Dere prefer to meet far from the eyes in order not to damage their relationship. Their meeting point is Istanbul, Anatolian side wher Engin Akyurek lives.

Both Engin Akyurek and Cansu Dere remain distant from the media. The couple does not want to give any photo together until they become confident about their relationhip.

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