The Most Popular Turkish Actresses in 2015

The results of survey conducted by MBC Tv channels of United Arab Emirates have been announced recently. The survey is about Turkish Dramas broadcasted in the Arab world. According to the survey, Tuba Buyukustun who is the main actress in Black Money Love (Kara Para Ask) is the most popular Turkish actress in the Arab world. It is the first time that Nurgul Yesilcay has been chosen among the most popular 10 Turkish actress. Beren Saat, on the other hand, has been ranked as the 7th. Hazal Kaya and Meryem Uzerli are again ranked among the first 5.
The result of the survey is as follows:
1- Tuba Buyukustun
2- Fahriye Evcen
3- Berguzar Korel
4- Hazal Kaya
5- Meryem Uzerli
6- Nurgul Yesilcay
7- Beren Saat
8- Birce Akalay
9- Oyku Karayel
10- Ceyda Duvenci

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