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The players of The Gift (Atiye) Attend to Gala Event

The players of The Gift (Atiye) Attend to Gala Event

On December 17, 2019 team of upcoming drama The Gift (Atiye) held a gala event in Beykoz Kundura Fabrikası, Istanbul.

Beren Saat - The Gift (Atiye) Tv Series

All the players taking part of The Gift (Atiye) attended to the gala and watched the first episode. The following players attended to the gala: Hazar Ergüçlü, Elçin Sangu, Burcu Biricik, Ezgi Mola, Boran Kuzum, Efecan Şenolsun, Alina Boz, Pınar Deniz, Abdullah Oğuz, Muzaffer Yıldırım, Beste Kökdemir, Bihter-Selim Bayraktar, İbrahim Selim, Burcu Biricik-Emre Yetkin, Esra Değirmencioğlu, Cansu Tosun, Mehmet Kurtuluş and Pınar Deniz.

Beren Saat - The Gift (Atiye) Tv Series

The Gift (Atiye) starring Beren Saat and Mehmet Gunsur tells a story of Atiye (played by Beren Saat) and archeologist Erhan (played by Mehmet Günsür). Atiye has an ordinary and happy life together with her boyfriend Ozan in Istanbul. Her life turns upside down with a discovery in Göbeklitepe which is the oldest temple of the world. Archeologist Erhan (Mehmet Günsür) carries out the excavation work in the area and finds a symbol that shows a mystic relationship between Atiye and Göbeklitepe.  Atiye chases this mystic incident and decides to look for her past. This content belongs to www.turkishcelebritynews.com

Mehmet Gunsur and Beren Saat - The Gift (Atiye)
Beren Saat Mehmet Gunsur - The Gift (Atiye) Tv Series
Alina Boz - The Gift (Atiye) Tv Series
Beste Kokdemir - The Gift (Atiye) Tv Series
Boran Kuzum - The Gift (Atiye) Tv Series
Burcu Biricik and Her Spouse - The Gift (Atiye) Tv Series
Elcin Sangu - The Gift (Atiye) Tv Series
Hazar Erguclu - The Gift (Atiye) Tv Series
Melisa Senolsun - The Gift (Atiye) Tv Series
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