Facts About Lovebird – Wren (Calikusu)

Have you watched Turkish drama Wren (Calikusu) which is also known as Lovebird? This Turkish drama was adapted by Resat Nuri Guntekin’s famous Turkish novel. The book tells the story of an orphaned girl named Feride and her adventures in Anatolia as a young school teacher.

Turkish drama Wren – Lovebird (Calikusu) was broadcasted in 2013 and starred Burak Ozcivit and Fahriye Evcen.

Wren Lovebird Calikusu Turkish tv series Poster

However, this Turkish drama was cancelled before completion due to low episode ratings. Even though Resat Nuri Guntekin’s book has the largest section about Feride’s adventures in Anatolia, in this Turkish drama we could not see Feride became a teacher and lived in Anatolia.

One of the reasons why this Turkish drama could not achieve high episode ratings come from the fact that Turkish audience had already watched another version of Wren – Lovebird (Calikusu) years ago. The former version was made in 1986 and starred Aydan Sener and Kadir Kalav.

Aydan Sener and Kadir Kalav Wren-Lovebird 1986 Calikusu

This version was totally in accordance with the original novel and Turkish actress Aydan Sener was so successful as a stubborn and naive school teacher.

Wren-Lovebird calikusu version 1986 4 screenshot

If you want to know the original story of Lovebird – Wren (Çalıkuşu), we highly recommend you to watch the Turkish drama-1986 version. It is a mini series consisting of 7 episodes and you can easily find it in youtube. We hope that there will be subtitles for this Turkish drama as well.

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  1. Why is it that Turkish movies and tv shows always depict superiority of Islam over Christianity? Why do they denigrate Christians by depicting them as evil, weak or immoral?

    • You mean the way American and English movies project Christian superiority over well …. everything else? Perspective is interesting.

  2. It would be wonderful to complete series. I tried to purchase book in English in USA with no luck. Now that Netflix has this on their site we are not able to watch the old series or know how everything ended. Please encourage this— we have been able in the USA to get series concluded by voice of those who watch. Please consider

  3. I really hope to see a second season of Lovebird as I truly enjoyed season one. Please, please, please continue with more episodes to complete the storyq

  4. Please complete the series! There are audience in other parts of the world as well and I truly enjoyed watching it. I was upset the way it ended abruptly. It would be good to finish it!

  5. I so enjoyed this series. My husband and I watched it every night. We were both disappointed when it ended. Not only because there was no closure with any of the characters lives but also because it was over. Really wanted to see some happiness for Lovebird in her life. Wish so much there was a second season ☹️

  6. Maria Letizia Dewar

    I would sign a petition! I simply loved this series!

  7. Just finished and I need more…come on, we gotta see the rest!

  8. Love this very much!!!! Please finish the story.

  9. Lori Ledbetter Fortunato

    Please finish! Totally addicted to the story and loved the characters!

  10. Please …I must see season 2

  11. I’ve loved watching this series and like a good book am not looking forward to the end! It would be so good to see another series!

  12. So disappointed at the way the series ended and want to see the whole story played out. Please come back with Season 2

  13. Was sooooo upset with the ending! Would love to see a season 2!! I watched this show every day until I got to the last episode and was so devastated with the way it ended! Please bring it back there are people everywhere ready to watch!!!

  14. Please please bring Lovebird season 2 back – we are hooked to this excellent romantic love story….

  15. Please! bring season 2, we love this story.

  16. Thoroughly enjoyed this film. Keep watching episodes again and again. Would love to see a season 2 taking us to the end.

  17. Loved this series and I, like many other viewers was so upset by the strange ending, This story needs to be completed.
    Probably not possible to bring the same cast together after such a long brake. could you let me know if the book has been published in English anywhere?

  18. I was watching on Netflix and all of the sudden cannot find it anymore. So upsetting. This is such a good show. If not completed why would Netflix show it? Dying to know what happened?

  19. Elizabeth Aboona

    It seems this was taken off Netflix, idk why, it’s been my go to for a year, it’s what turned me onto Turkish shows… There is a little on YouTube but annoying to search for them… Also there were 72 or 74 episodes on Netflix but originally were 34 or 36 episodes (bcuz their dramas are usually 2 hrs long)… The plus side is that there is now a completed English translation of the original book with all 5 parts (parts not included in the show) on Amazon!!

  20. All Turkish drama ends up like that always keeping their viewers in suspense,, I pray they improved in their conclusive part and not always keeping us in suspense thanks

  21. Michelle Petersen

    Loved the version with Ozcivit & Evcen. Would buy it if it was available! Sad when Netflix dropped it.

  22. Pls finish showing Calikusa the way it’s fans deserve it.

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