Insider (Icerde) Turkish Drama Shooting Locations

Insider (Icerde) was a great hit drama in 2016 starring Cağatay Ulusoy, Aras Bulut Iynemli and Cetin Tekindor. Insider (Icerde) portrays two young police officers who work for different organizations without disclosing their true identity. It gained popularity not only in Turkey but throughout the world and many people are still eager to know where the drama was shot in Turkey. If you are a big fan of this drama or actors, you should definitely go there and take a picture!

Here are the major filming locations of Insider (Icerde).

Kebabçı Celal’s Restaurant

Kebabçı Celal’s Restaurant is actually Safiye Sultan Cafe in Hasköy. Kebabçı Celal’s Restaurant open adress is as follows: Keçeci Piri, Hasköy Caddesi No:1 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Kebabçı Celal’s Restaurant
Kebabçı Celal’s Restaurant
Celal, Sarp and Davut
celal and Sarp in insider tv series

Sarp’s Car Parking Place

Sarp lives in this car parking place upstairs and he repair his cars there. You can go to this place but you should warn you that it is not a touristic place so be careful!

Sarp’s Car Parking Place adress: Ayvansaray Mahallesi Şişhane Caddesi No:74 Edirnekapı / İstanbul

Sarp’s Car Parking Place insider tv series

Aunt Fisun’s Restaurant

Aunt Fisun’s restaurant (Umut’s Homemade Foods) adress: Cibali Mahallesi Üsküplü Caddesi No:41 Fatih/İstanbul

fusun in homemade foods
Sarp and Mert in Aunt Fisun’s Restaurant
Aunt Fisun’s Restaurant

Sarp and Aunt Fisun’s House

Sarp’s house adress: Makastar Sokak, Üsküdar İcadiye Mahallesi, İstanbul.

Mert’s house

Mert enters his house with an elevator and he lives in a modern apartment. If you want to see the entrance of his apartment, below is the open adress. We do not know whether you are allowed to enter inside the building though.   

Mert’s house adress: Kazım Orbay Caddesi No: 74 Bomonti-Şişli/İstanbul

Mert’s house

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