Is Hazal Kaya's New TV Series Maral

Is Hazal Kaya’s New TV Series: Maral?

We haven’t seen Hazal Kaya on TV for almost 1 year. Her last tv series LOVE (Ask) was finalized due to low ratings. Since then, she hasn’t accepted any tv series. Recently, it is said that she has finally said yes to Kerem Deren’s project “Maral”. It is also said that Aras Bulut Iynemli will be her partner in this project.
Kerem Deren is the screenwriter of Ezel, 20 Minutes (20 Dakika) and Cliff (Ucurum). He will work together Pinar Bulut for the tv series of “Maral”
Hope to see Hazal Kaya and Aras Bulut Iynemli on tv soon!

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  1. Cok partner very good hazal ve aras to gether
    Fans from saqqez lran

  2. Hazal kaya quzel actor guzel kiz ve aras veeeery veeery good actor cok sevyorom dizi maral
    Fan from saqqez kordistan lran

  3. love u so much and i am eagerly waiting for your new show.

  4. Hazal pleas one more series with Cagatay Ulusoy together again

  5. Just hazal ve aras

  6. u are so cute Hazel and in the drama. feriha u look gorrjoussssssssssss

  7. what happend to final ? it is crazy to leave people like this.

  8. Hay hazal you should also try for indian drama or movie we think you will definitely rock here.

  9. hazal kaya is my favourate actress…
    she so beautiful….
    she is angel…..
    so cute…
    she is so beautiful in the world…
    in feriha season u look very very beautiful

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