Mehmet Gunsur: I Prefer Being “Nobody” Instead of Being “Somebody”

Mehmet Gunsur: I Prefer Being “Nobody” Instead of Being “Somebody”

Mehmet Gunsur has increased his number of fans with his popular Turkish drama Phi (Fi).

Mehmet Gunsur has been married for 10 years and has 3 children. He does not accept that he is “perfect” in a sense of “good lover, good actor and one of the most handsome males in Turkey”.

mehmet gunsur: Fi tv series with serenay sarikaya

“Nobody is perfect. I am a human and I am not flawless.”

mehmet gunsur smoke in fi tv series

“Tags are putting burden on our shoulders. But I live abroad and I am able to make myself set to zero there. I can be nobody.”

mehmet gunsur last image

“I love being “nobody” instead of being “somebody”.”

mehmet gunsur happy hat

“Fame is a part of this job but it is not an essential part.”

mehmet gunsur smile

“I am a kind of free spirited. I don’t want to limit myself due to taboo or self-censor. I want to break these.”

The sex scenes of his latest Turkish drama Phi (Fi) have been talked so much. Concerning this question, Mehmet Gunsur stated that “Unfortunately, taboos are the priority in our country. I believe that we can handle this through education.”

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  1. mehmet`s biggest fan

    I like mehmet a LLLo……….TT !!!!!!!!!!!!! but I don wanna see him in obscene scenes not because i`m jealous (though i am) but becauseit does n`t become such a great personality like him specially after the name he has earned as `mustafa`. God bless you,dear!

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