Pınar Deniz Chose Camping Instead of Five Star Hotel

Pınar Deniz started summer season on July 4 in Ayvalık, Cunda.

After then, she continued her holiday in Antalya together with her sister Huri Deniz.

Pınar Deniz, Öykü Özcan and Cansu Özcan

Pınar Deniz returned in Istanbul and then, went to camping together with her friends Öykü Özcan and Cansu Özcan.

öykü özcan - pınar deniz - cansu özcan

She chose to stay in modern tents instead of 5-star-hotel. This content belongs to

Pınar Deniz Canoeing

She is seen while canoeing.

Here are some of the photos of Pınar Deniz holiday 2020.

Pınar Deniz Sunflowers

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