The Ottoman (Kurulus Osman) Breaks a New Record on Youtube

The Ottoman (Kurulus Osman) maintains its success about television ratings. It also maintains its success on social media. It has reached 3 million subscribers for Kurulus Osman Youtube channel before its 50th episode.

Kurulus Osman official Youtube channel has become the first youtube channel about tv series through reaching 3 million subscribers in the shortest time.

Kurulus Osman official Youtube channel has already exceeded 1 billion views.

The Ottoman’s trailers and episodes are becoming among the trending list of Youtube Turkey each week.

Kurulus Osman is broadcasted on Wednesday prime time via Turkish television channel ATV.

The producer and screenwriter is Mehmet Bozdag, the director is Metin Gunay and the leading cast is Burak Ozcivit.

This Turkish drama maintains its popularity in each week.

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