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Neslihan Atagül Discloses Her Goal

Neslihan Atagül Discloses Her Goal Featured

Neslihan Atagul became 24 years old on August 20th, 2016. She has disclosed her goal that she wants to fullfill the most: she wants to hug a lion. She has said that she wants to fulfill this goal when she is 24 years old. In her recent interview, she has also stated that her husband “Kadir” is the answer for …

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Cansu Dere Will Be a Surrogate Mother!

Cansu Dere Will Be a Surrogate Mother Featured

Cansu Dere is returning to TV soon. Her expected tv series with Murat Yildirim was cancelled last year when Murat Yildirim started to work with Meryem Uzerli. Eventually, Cansu Dere has accepted a new offer. In this new turkish drama which has benn adapted by Japanese production “Mother”, Cansu Dere will become a surrogate mother. This turkish drama will be …

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Kadir Dogulu’s New Turkish Drama: Tell Me Love

New Turkish Drama: Tell Me Love (Bana Sevmeyi Anlat)

The new Turkish drama Tell Me Love (Bana Sevmeyi Anlat) will star Kadir Dogulu, Seda Bakan, Mustafa Ustundag and Dolunay Soysert. This tv series will be broadcasted at Fox Tv in August. Storyline: Leyla (Seda Bakan) lives in Germany with her baby and has a hard life. She decides to get married to Hasmet (Mustafa Ustundag) who is a rich …

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Bensu Soral Beats Yasemin Allen

bensu soral beats yasemin allen featured1

Cagatay Ulusoy’s new Turkish drama Within (İçeriden) will be broadcasted this season. Bensu Soral has become Cagatay’s partner in this Turkish drama. The producers have just made this decision. Before, they could not decide between Bensu Soral and Yasemin Allen. However, it is claimed that Yasemin Allen wanted to get 30 bin TL (10 thousand US dollars) per episode whereas …

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Halit Ergenc’s New Turkish Drama with His Wife Berguzar Korel

halit ergenc's and berguzar korel's new turkish drama featured

Halit Ergenc will be on TV this season and will play together with his wife Berguzar Korel in the same turkish drama. Their new turkish drama You Are My Country (Vatanım Sensin) (previously known as Traitor – Vatan Haini) will be broadcasted on September 2016. The shooting will begin on August 13th, 2016. Director: Yağmur-Durul Taylan Producer: 03 Medya Screen …

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Engin Akyurek Will Become Mafia

engin akyurek will become mafia featured

Engin Akyurek has been considering different Turkish dramas for a long time. He is being picky as usual. After his role as a police office in the Turkish tv series Black Money and Love (Kara Para Ask), he will become a part of the mafia this time. In this tv series, Engin Akyurek will try to take his father’s revenge …

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Burcu Biricik Got Married

Burcu Biricik got married with emre yetkin

Burcu Biricik from Life Song (Hayat Sarkisi) organized her henna night before her wedding on July 30th, 2016. She got married to Emre Yetkin whom she has been together for 3 years. They organized their wedding ceremony at Bahcekoy Korupark, Istanbul. There are many photos concerning her henna night and her wedding. Under one the wedding photos, Burcu Biricik wrote …

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Birce Akalay’s Vacation

Birce akalay's 2016 vacation poster

Birce Akalay had to go her vacation by herself when her husband Sap Levendoglu had to stay in Istanbul for work. Birce Akalay spends her time in Bodrum with Turkish actors Tarik Unluoglu and Selcuk Yontem. Sarp Levendoglu would accompany her wife whenever he finished his work.

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