Bad News For Murat Yildirim and Cansu Dere

The turkish drama which will star Cansu Dere and Murat Yildirim has been posponed to be shot. However, Murat Yildirim and Cansu Dere have already taken money for the first 13 episodes. Therefore, these two celebrities have to pay back the money that they have taken in advance. Murat Yildirim has taken 80 thousand Turkish Liras (around 30 thousand USD dollars) for each episode while Cansu Dere has taken 50 thousand Turkish Liras (around 20 thousand USD dollars) for each episode. For this reason, Murat Yildirim is going to pay 1.4 milion Turkish Liras (around 410 thousand USD dollars ) while Cansu Dere is going to pay 650 thousand Turkish Liras (around 260 thousand USD dollars).

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