Endless Love (Kara Sevda) is 2017 International Emmy Awards Nominee for ‘Best Telenovela'

Endless Love (Kara Sevda) is 2017 International Emmy Awards Nominee for ‘Best Telenovela’

Turkish drama Endless Love (Kara Sevda) is continuing to take attention all around the world.

Neslihan atagul and burak ozcivit married

Endless Love (Kara Sevda) became the first Turkish drama to be nominated in one of the most prestigious awards of the international television industry, the International Emmy Awards.

endless love tv series scene

Endless Love (Kara Sevda) is competing against three other series – 30 Vies: Isabelle Cousineau (30 lives), Totalmente Demais (Total Dreamer) and Velho Chico (Old River).

burak ozcivit fighting with neslihan atagul

Endless Love (Kara Sevda) stars Burak Özçivit, Neslihan Atagül and Kaan Urgancıoğlu. The director of this Turkish drama is Hilal Saral, the screenwriters are Burcu Gorgun Toptas and Ozlem Yilmaz and the producer is Ay Yapim.

endless love tv series

This Turkish drama has recevived many awards from many institutions and universities in Turkey. Also, it was awarded the ‘Jury Special Prize’ at the 11th International Seoul Drama Awards in 2016.

neslihan atagul and burak ozcivit smiling

Now, Turkish drama Endless Love (Kara Sevda) becomes the first Turkish drama that is one of the nominees at International Emmy Awards.

neslihan atagul in kara sevda

Winners of 2017 International Emmy Awards will be announced at November 20, 2017 at the Hilton New York Hotel.

kara sevda bicyle

Endless Love (Kara Sevda) Storyline:
Young artist Nihan (Neslihan Atagul) gives up being with her true love Kemal (Burak Ozcivit) in order to save her brother from going to jail. She is forced to get married to Emir (Kaan Urgancioglu) even though she has been in love with Kemal. For more information, please visit: https://www.turkishdrama.com/blind-love-kara-sevda.html

burak ozcivit and neslihan atagul

List of Nominees:
Here is the full list of nominees of 2017 International Emmy Awards at Telenovela category:


30 Vies – Isabelle Cousineau
Aetios Productions Inc.

Kara Sevda
( Endless Love)
Ay Yapım

Totalmente Demais
( Total Dreamer)
TV Globo

Velho Chico
( Old River)
TV Globo

kara sevda tv series

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  1. Thank you for this article in English!! I am not surprised “Kara Sevda was nominated. The cast was amazing, however, Kaan Urgancioglu deserves a best actor in a drama series award. His portugal of an angry, confused, abused Imir was exceptional!! Good Luck with winning!!!!

  2. Loved this series so much!!!!! Thanks so much for English translation. Kera Sevda deserves the nomination and a win.

  3. First and probably only Turkish drama I will ever follow in my life;
    such a superb script, directing, and of course, acting by all.

    No doubt, deserves to win!

    I wish an English TV channel picked this up and did a proper translation into English – but in the mean time, thanks also goes to Johnny Ozturk who tirelessly did the translations (subtitles) of each episode.

  4. I loved Kara Sevda so much. Nihan and Kemal are the best ever onscreen couple. Their story telling and onscreen chemistry are unimaginable. They make you to watch the story. I started watching Love Birds, but i stoped watching it after few episodes as the real life couple Burak and Fahriya does not have onscreen chemistry. (Please dont get offended as they surely much have real life chemistry)

    Endding was so bad. May be Burak wanted to leave KARA SEVDA for ever as his wife does not want to see Kemel and Nihans onscreen chemistry.

    Anyhow thank you so much the person who translated the story in English for us to enjoy even though it had a sad ending.

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